Xbox One Headset By Plantronics


A headset is actually a hardware device. It can be linked to the telephone, PC, laptop, Smartphone or any gaming console like Xbox. It enables the user to talk as well as hear without using hands. This hands-free feature makes it more than convenient to use. Headsets are widely used for both personal and professional use.

There are many customer service centers and call centers that make use of headsets to talk to their customers while typing information onto the PC. The hardcore gamers use these devices to enjoy the music and sounds of the game without getting disturbed by surrounding noise. In the same way, the music lovers use these items to enjoy music.

What is Xbox One?

Xbox One is a gaming console. It is the 8th generation of home video gaming consoles. It has been developed and designed by Microsoft in May 2013. It is a descendant of the Xbox 360. It is also known as the 3rd console in the family of Xbox.

It was first launched in America and then in different parts of Europe. Xbox One is the first ever gaming console that had launched in China. Microsoft promoted and delivered it as an "all-in-one entertainment system.” It is better than the other gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 as well as Nintendo Wii U.

Xbox One had acquired a positive response from the users because of its multimedia features, controller design as well as voice routing. It is more dependable and reliable than its previous versions. Its original user interface has been quite intuitive. However, changes have been made in it to make it better than before.

Plantronics & Its Headsets

Plantronics is one of the most leading companies in the electronics industry. It had made different types of products like headsets, earphones, and speakers. All the products offered by Plantronics completely support the Unified Communications, gaming, mobile use as well as music.

It is also known as a publicly traded company. Plantronics headquarter is present in the Santa Cruz, California. On the other hand, many Plantronics products are made and designed in Mexico as well as China.

Plantronics provide top quality products that have awesome and unique features. Each item is made up of top quality materials due to which it is sturdy and durable. The most commonly purchased Plantronics products are the headsets. People across the globe make use of diverse types of Plantronics headsets for different reasons. Each headset is unique in style and design. We have explained the types of Plantronics headsets below. Have a look:


    With the passage of time, wireless headsets are getting popularity. They are being used for different types of activities that include the client promotion, businesses, and workplace communication during performing the activities.

    They have a headphone that is linked to the head or ear and gives base that is linked to the PC with no cords. Those who do not like to deal with the cords make use of these headphones.

    They do not have wire so the user would have to straighten up the tangles. The cordless headphones use the great technology on the market. They are simple and easy to connect and use. Many professionals who have to travel a lot use these headphones to keep in touch with their clients proficiently.

    In the same manner, the hardcore gamers use these headphones to play their games easily without having a problem with the cords. They are ideal devices to enhance the performance as well as communication within the workplace. Gamers can also talk to each other through it while playing. They provide top quality sounds.

    There are a lot of perks included in the usage of the cordless technology. The seamless communication is a plus when we talk about connecting to the workplace or department. These gadgets are adaptable as well as enable quicker speed of answering.

    It provides a good quality call experience that enables you to deliver answers from your PC during talking on the phone. Plantronics is providing a huge variety of wireless headsets for official and personal use. These headphones are popular for offering better sound quality as well as comfort design.

    Bluetooth headsets are a special type of headphones. They have Bluetooth technology that uses the radio frequency for exchanging data and information over short spaces. The Bluetooth technology is quite enough in different conditions, for example, transferring any file or sending any photo or music through mobile phones or computers.

    It is a technology that is now being commonly used in the products like laptops, headphones, speakers as well as headsets. There are many products like Bluetooth headphones that consist of a small computer chip present inside the Bluetooth radio.

    It allows them to connect with different other devices. A solitary Bluetooth headphone could be connected to many devices enabling individuals to talk on the cell phone or hear music while walking or traveling.

    Also, it is used by many professionals that work in air traffic controllers, call centers as well as customer service department. Plantronics Bluetooth headphones are commonly purchased because of their unique features as well as design. They provide top quality sound and perform a lot better than other companies headphones.

    Plantronics corded headsets are awesome technical devices. With the help of these headphones, the users can easily switch between the Smartphones as well as the desktop office. They are made to provide top call quality with the latest technological features.

    They are capable enough to reduce all the background noise and ensure that the users experience a conversation free of any distortion and disturbance.

    The main objective of these headphones is to provide superior call quality. They are awesome for listening to music as well as podcasts. There are many gamers who use these devices for their gaming consoles. They are one of those devices that solves many problems for the users and fulfill their needs.

    These headphones consist of amplifiers which make the sound a bit louder. These amplifiers empower the headsets to be utilized with corded telephones. Plantronics delivers and fabricates a huge range of corded headsets.

    These headsets have extra highlights to improve communication like volume controls as well as mute. These headsets are particularly utilized as a part of call centers because they give call clearness and their noise-canceling mics make them more efficient to use.

    The corded headphones offered by Plantronics give hands-free comfort as well as convenience. These earphones are famous due to their over-the-headset soundness or over-the-ear comfort highlights in addition to the sound quality they give separate them from the others.

    These headsets are binaural which simply means that they are intended for the two ears. These headsets have controllable volume and tone control framework.

    On the off chance that you would prefer not to buy many new headphones yet are in advancing business condition that users brought together correspondence then Plantronics wired headsets and earphones are what you require keeping in mind the end goal to spare your business time and cash. Plantronics wired headsets and earphones have numerous more highlights for its all sort of users.

    The Plantronics has broadened their scope of headphone from game lovers to specific users, for example, call centers, customer service centers, IT and for security powers. The Plantronics Aviation Headsets are designed and planned for aeronautics with the top quality specification to manage delicate sounds as well as messages.

    This famous brand framed a particular predominant quality headset for avionics. Plantronics has made the trust through their name and quality in aeronautic trade, including the FAA and NASA.  The headphones are quite light in weight. Not just that, they are also dependable headsets that are the normal decision for a huge number of commercial pilots.

    Pilot's activity is very delicate and should be without mistake, so they must be stacked with most recent and exceedingly confided in accessories like headsets.

    The pilot needs that headset on which he can depend to give the ideal result in every last circumstance. The Plantronics headphone set an elevated expectation in the market of the headset and turns into the main decision of each airline pilots.

    The Plantronics invested a long time in the examination of making this particular kind of headset for flight and for which they enlisted an expert group that has a place with various airline and avionics business. The best avionics headset gave to NASA to the Apollo moon arrivals.

Xbox one headset by Plantronics

Plantronics has made many functional and useful headsets for Xbox One. These headphones enable the users to enjoy playing the games with clear sound. Not just that, the teammates can also talk to each other while playing the game without any problem. There are many Xbox one headsets by Plantronics. However, we are going to explain some of the below:


    You can get the top fidelity audio from this gaming headset that sweeps around as well as above you without any distortion. It has a pro-control that is quite a unique feature of it. You can get a good edge with the audio that improves your intellect of consciousness as well as your gaming experience.

    There is a Dolby Atmos For headsets that enables the users to feel like the audio sweeps above and around them realistically. You have to unleash the power of the Dolby Atmos onto your games with the incorporated prepaid activation code for the Xbox One console.

    It offers awesome clarity of audio as well as deep bass that give life to your games. In this way, you are not able to miss any cue. These headsets are great in performance as they are light in weight and well padded.

    Because of which you can wear them for a long time and experience a comfortable play. There is a noise-canceling microphone that makes sure the competitors along with your teammates could hear you. There is a stereo input that enables you to mix in the music when you are playing the game.

  • Sound-isolating ear cups
  • Fingertip controls
  • Three EQ settings
  • Aux input
  • Boom or inline microphone
  • High-conformity audio
  • Breathable ease

    This headphone is ideal to be used for Xbox One as you can easily perfect your gameplay with 24 hours of cordless, continuous focus and moving audio that sweeps around you. If you will charge the battery of this headphone completely then it would work for 24 hours. It incorporates a low latency cordless technological innovation that provides clear game audio and communication. It is incredibly light in weight so the user would not feel the burden on ears. It provides complete audio adjustments.

    It contains memory foam ear pads that do not let the ears get tired. With the help of this foam, the sound isolation is maximized for the immersive experience.

    The durable and lightweight frame incorporates an adjustable head strap that distributes weight. In this way, the pressure is decreased on the ears. This headphone has different multiple adjustments that enable the user to play better.

    This headphone features an enhanced audio with coordinated 40-millimeter drivers that give life to the soundstage. The low-frequency resonators fortify bass as well as breaking point distortion.

    Voice input gives you a chance to screen your activity levels, quality and the noise-canceling microphone guarantees that your teammates could hear you. When you have stopped chatting, then you just need to flip the microphone up to mute it.

    Cordless gaming needs split-second admittance to basic settings. Simple dials assist the users to quickly adjust the balance amid the game, master volume and chat audio. Pick an EQ setting to segregate pure highs, appreciate seismic bass, heighten the mid-extend or improve vocal focus.

  • Analog controls
  • Flexible headset frame
  • 24-hour battery life
  • Performance audio
  • Sound-isolating ear cups
  • Lag-free wireless
  • Lightweight

    It has a lightweight design as well as tough materials to keep you focused on the game and be comfortable. It consists of foam ear cups shape to comfort your ears while keeping the game sound private as well as shutting out background noise. Furthermore, the self-modifying headband gives an agreeable and stable fit so you can play longer.

    It features 40 mm drivers to convey the immersive game sound that places you perfectly amidst the activity.

    The noise-canceling boom microphone is constantly prepared for communication and guarantees your partners could hear you clearly without any problem.

    It responds quite quickly and rapidly with fingertip control of voice and game sound. It also features double analog control wheels with clear min/max sound settings which simply means that no diversions or delays come from on-screen menus.

    It also consists of control master volume in addition to game and chatting adjusts or picks the autonomous mode to control game and chatting levels freely. It easily associates specifically with your Xbox One remote controller.

  • Lightweight
  • Fingertip controls
  • Sound-isolating ear cups
  • Removable noise-canceling microphone
  • 40mm high-sensitivity drivers
  • Flexible headset frame
  • Aux input for music
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • 3 EQ settings

    You can use this headset to hear the game sounds more clearly. It delivers the upside of moving sound so you can respond speedier and hear all that you have to win. Just get an aggressive edge with a sound that uplifts your feeling of mindfulness and your gameplay.

    It will pull you into the game with moving sound by exactness and authenticity. You can now release the Dolby Atmos power on your games with the included prepaid initiation code for Xbox One.

    It has a lightweight design as well as materials that would keep you focused on your game. It features flexible foam ear cups to provide maximum ear comfort so that the gamer could easily hear the game sound without hearing surrounding noises. It has a padded headband that reduces pressure on the ears so the gamer could enjoy the gameplay for quite a long time.

    It highlights simple access to the controls so you will be using the most. In this way, you could easily concentrate on your game. You can also adjust the volume of the game or just mute the microphone by using the inline controls.

    It features 40mm drivers that provide the immersive sound of games that would make you feel you are in action. The booming noise reducing microphone is constantly ready for the chatting and make sure that your teammates could hear you without surrounding noises.

  • Padded headband
  • Inline controls
  • Sound-isolating ear cups
  • Noise-reducing boom microphone
  • High-sensitivity drivers

    Get involved in your game more with the help of this headphone. You can be heard clearly with the help of the noise-canceling microphone. With the inline controls, you can easily increase or decrease the volume. This headphone features comfortable cushions so that you can easily play the game for quite a long time.

    It has been made of top quality and sturdy materials. Still, it is light in weight which makes it comfortable to use. It has ear cups that are designed to keep the game sound private so the other people around you would not be able to hear the game sounds.

    When you are speaking on microphone, then it would cancel all the noises at your back like the noise of fans. The padded headband would also be helpful in reducing the pressure on the ears so that you can play well for hours.

  • Cushioned headband
  • Inline controls
  • Sound-isolating ear cups
  • Noise-cancelling boom microphone
  • High-sensitivity drivers
  • Cross-platform compatibility

    It has been specially designed for Xbox One so that the gamers could perform better. It delivers outstanding audio performance. It has been planned from the durable and lightweight material. Those who want to focus on their games better and talk easily with their teammates must use this headphone. It has a sturdy frame that enables you to organize components for concentration. The ear cups will let you completely immerse in your gameplay. They will also block out the surrounding noises. It features sound fidelity that provides the users an edge in the gameplay.

    It has dynamic drivers that are paired with the low-frequency resonators to maximize the bass response devoid of destroying the crucial highs as well as mids. You just need to flip up the noise-canceling boom microphone to mute it.

  • Lasting comfort
  • Flexible frame
  • Isolating ear cups
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • Performance audio

    It is considered as best Xbox one headset by Plantronics because of its unique features. You can now take your gameplay to the next level by using this headphone. It has a full featuring back design and an adjustable boom microphone that is ideal for gaming through surround sound systems. You can now hear your game cues clearly and do chatting as well.

    With this headset, you can experience the power of the complete range driver with the amazing ear cup design. In case you need to focus on your game entirely then you can adjust the volume easily. This headphone features easy controls. You can rapidly adjust the volume without the on screen menus. You would not get disturbed by surrounded noises in your room as you could not hear them.

  • Inline volume
  • Lightweight
  • Mute controls
  • Adjustable frame
  • Memory foam cushions
  • Exoskeleton ear cup design
  • Rotating boom microphone
  • Full range 40mm driver
  • 3.5 mm analog connector
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