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Resources for headsets and headset applications. These resources include manufacturer websites, news, publications, software and other applications.
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At Headset Zone we aim to help our customers no matter what. Not only do we aim to provide the best of the best through our collection of headsets, we also aim to provide with information and updates alike aimed at helping our customers in their day to day operations. We have compiled a list of links referring to software and applications involving headsets one way or another. Many of the links below contain helpful information themselves, others contain referrals to helping material. You can gather a lot from going to their websites. Going through them you can gather a great deal of helpful material.


Although it is a very common practice for major manufacturers to have a website detailing their contact information, we have compiled a list of all the major manufacturers to get detailed information about your headsets.

Cell Phone Apps

Here is a list of links for all major kinds of cell phone accessories, services plans and all things cell phone to make it much simpler and interesting. Telecom Resources
Not related to headsets only, this list comprises of referrals to telecom resources related to cordless phones, cordless headsets, conference phones, office desk phones and much more.

This list comes loaded with resources for use with computer headsets, like voice recognition software and their updates, you can use these to use your computer headset at the maximum potential possible.
Call Center Resources

Whether you are an employee in one or you are running a call center yourself, then this list will definitely help you out a lot.

Here is a list of publications related to all kinds of headsets and similar accessories.
Business Improvement

This list is aimed at helping all those individuals who want to improve their businessís standing.
Integrity Notice

Please note that the resources listed here are either requested by an outside party or as an outside resource. We are not responsible for anything related to these sources thus we cannot be held responsible for their practices. If you find any malicious activity happening, then please inform us at the Headset Zone so that we can take the necessary action.
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Business Improvement
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Headsets and headset accessories.
Amplified and assisted living telephone equipment.
Ameriphone Clarity
Telephone equipment for the hearing impaired.
Viking Electronics
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Cellular Phone Manufacturers
Nokia Ericsson Motorola Nextel Qualcomm Bluetooth
Headset Zone knows that getting in touch with the maker of your purchased product is very important. We have listed the sites of the many manufacturers that Headset Zone deals with so you can get the technical support you need.
Cellular Phone Applications
PageAlertInc offers a full line of original and aftermarket cellular phone accessories.
The Wireless Boys Online
Cellular phone accessories for vitually every make and model.
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Cellular Phone Applications
Headset Zone has listed resources for cellular phone accessories, service plans and anything else to make your mobile life much more interesting.

Be sure to pick up a headset for your cellular phone.
Telecom Resources
Seo Services
A directory of websites with listings for Cordless Phones and Headsets in the UK.
Treo Accessories, treo 650 accessories, Treo 700 accessories, Treo 700w, treo 600 accessories, treo case, treo battery, tro keyboard, Handspring Treo 650 Accessories, 650 Charger Treo, 650 Case Leather Treo, 600 Holster Treo,600 Keyboard Treo, Handspring PDA Accessories, 600 Battery Treo, 650 Cradle Treo, 650 Car Charger Treo, 650 Case Handspring Treo, Treo Charger, Store Treo, Treo PDA Accessories select from Treotiger.
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Telecom Resources
Telecom Resources is designed for telephone resources where a headset may be applied. These may include resources for cordless telephones, conference telephones, office desk phones and more.
Software for Computer Headsets
Software and updates for Plantronics® DSP computer headsets.
Microsoft NetMeeting
Make calls over the internet.
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Software for Computer Headsets
Resources for software and other applications you can use for your computer headset. Get updates, voice recognition software and any necessary drivers you may need to get full use out of your computer headset.

Call Center Resources
Call Center Learning Center
The most comprehensive index on the web for contact centers.
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Call Center Resources
If you are looking for call center resources you have come to the right place. Headset Zone has listed application and help sites for contact centers.

Related News
News media based on business related topics.
Get news from Plantronics.
Market Wire
News on the telecommunications market.
Call Center News Service
The source for knowledge call centers, telecom and customer service.
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Related News
Get the latest news involving headsets and the telecommunications industry.
Customer Interaction Solutions
Telecommunications and call center resource.
Telephony Online
Get your news online or order a subscription.
Call Center Magazine
Tips and information for call centers.
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Publications related to headsets and the telecommunications industry are posted here. You may visit the listed sites to order a subscription to their printed magazine or simply visit the site for news and information.
Business Improvement
Provider of communication contact center and workforce management software.
Siebel Systems
Improve the way your call center conducts business.
Leadership Resources
Leadership related news, books and web resources.
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Business Improvement
The links provided here are for those who are looking to improve their business with software, services and the like. Most of the sites listed provide applications to improve the telecommunications aspect of your company or to improve your telecommunications business.
We will continue to provide you, our valued customers, with any information you may need and will always be updating our database with more resources.

If you would like to suggest a link or if you would like to have your link added please send an email, with URL and title, to and a representative will review your request.
Integrity Notice *
The resources listed here are either by request from an outside party or are listed as an outside resource. Headset Zone is not responsible for the ideals and practices of these outside sources and therefore will not be held responsible for the ideals and practices of these sources.

If there is any unreliable, malicious, or illegal activity involved in any of these sources we encourage you to contact Headset Zone so we can take the necessary removal and/or legal actions.
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