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<h3>Astatic EQUITEK Recording MicroPhones</h3>

Astatic EQUITEK Recording MicroPhones

<h3>Atatic TRION MicroPhones</h3>

Atatic TRION MicroPhones

<h3>Astatic M-SERIES MicroPhones</h3>

Astatic M-SERIES MicroPhones

<h3>Astatic GXLBP SERIES MicroPhones for Music Friends</h3>

Astatic GXLBP SERIES MicroPhones for Music Friends

<h3>Astatic GXLBP STUDIO PACKS for Music </h3>

Astatic GXLBP STUDIO PACKS for Music

<h3>Astatic GXL Series Condensers for Music Friends</h3>

Astatic GXL Series Condensers for Music Friends

<h3>Astatic Commercial Overhead /Stage Condensor</h3>

Astatic Commercial Overhead /Stage Condensor

<h3>Astatic Commercial Miniature GooseNeck</h3>

Astatic Commercial Miniature GooseNeck

<h3>Astatic Commercial Layer Condensers</h3>

Astatic Commercial Layer Condensers

<h3>Astatic Commercial Dynamic Desktop Palm Held Paging</h3>

Astatic Commercial Dynamic Desktop Palm Held Paging

<h3>Astatic Commercial Heavy Duty Dynamic Gooseneck Paging</h3>

Astatic Commercial Heavy Duty Dynamic Gooseneck Paging

<h3>Astatic Commercial Wall Mount Dyanamic MicroPhones</h3>

Astatic Commercial Wall Mount Dyanamic MicroPhones

<h3>Astatic Handhelds For Live Performance</h3>

Astatic Handhelds For Live Performance

<h3>Astatic Precussion MicroPhones For Live Performance</h3>

Astatic Precussion MicroPhones For Live Performance

<h3>Astatic USB Products for Persoanl Use</h3>

Astatic USB Products for Persoanl Use

<h3>Astatic Headphone Amplifiers</h3>

Astatic Headphone Amplifiers

<h3>Astatic Statnds Booms And Shock Mounts</h3>

Astatic Statnds Booms And Shock Mounts

<h3>Astatic Audio Cables</h3>

Astatic Audio Cables

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