Mobile Headsets

Helping to eliminate some of life's little problems
It seems today that cellular phones are an intricate part of most people daily accessories. We grab our cellular phones just as we would grab our car keys as just as we must drive from one place to another we must also stay in contact with clients, friends and family.

While so many of us carry our cellular phones as if they were an extra hand they are far from it. In fact, cellular phones tend to eliminate the use of one hand leaving you to perform tasks one handed. However, the use of your hand can be given back to you by simply adding a headset to the accessory we use so often. You are probably thinking, What is a headset going to do for me? Take this all too common scenario.

Have you ever been driving on a busy freeway when the phone rings? You answer the phone to find an important client on the other line, you need to handle the call but the guy in the left lane has found his courage and decides to cut you off on his way to the off-ramp. You, being without a mobile headset, shove your cell phone into your left shoulder. You are now speaking in a muffled tone to your important client but, luckily, you have succeeded in avoiding a rear end collision by steering with one hand and down shifting with the other. The phone that was being held with your cheek and your business coat slips out of your shoulder and takes a new position on your vehicle is floor right between the brake and the accelerator. While traveling about 40 down a busy freeway you now have an important client confused as to what happened to you, your phone hand has just changed into a scrambling-for-the-phone hand all with one hand on the wheel, your forehead resting on your steering wheel, and no eyes on the road.
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