Plantronics Bluetooth Headset Voyager 5200 Individuals And Professionals

Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headset has been one of the best options for Bluetooth headset for all individuals and professionals. The price of 5200 Bluetooth headset is about 119.99 dollars. It is the latest headphone in the series. On the other hand, it is more comfortable to wear than the Voyager Legend.

The 5200 headphone has a good reputation in the market because of its awesome features. The range and voice calling quality are superb of this headphone. It has a special and unique design.

The Voyager 5200 headset is continuously setting up the standard for the Bluetooth audio quality. Nevertheless, this headphone is not so comfortable than its predecessor Voyager Legend.

Pros & Cons of Voyager 5200 Headset

Plantronics is one of the famous companies that are offering headsets and other accessories in the best way. Plantronics has released such products that are customized, simple as well as spontaneous.

It is one of the leaders of the industry that looks beyond just making the best headphones. In Voyager 5200 Headset, Plantronics have used the latest technology to offer innovative audio solutions.

Individuals do not just use the Plantronics Voyager headset but big organizations, call centers and companies as well. However, as we all know that everything has its pros and cons. Similarly, the Voyager 5200 Headset also has these two things.

  • PROS

    The Plantronics Voyager headset has many pros that are explained below:
    It has a long battery life
    It does not fall off the ear
    It has a long range
    It has built-in voice commands
    This headphone is entirely reversible
    It has a strong noise cancellation capability


  • CONS

    The Plantronics Voyager headset has very few cons that are explained below:
    The ear hook of this headphone has some finesse to fit ideally onto the glasses.
    It is not so comfier than the Voyager Legend.

Command Controlling

In this headset, there is a red button that has two capabilities. It can easily activate the Google Now, Cortana or the Siri. The user can get the update through alerts during the talk time. This headphone announces the names of the incoming callers so that the user can just say “Ignore” to avoid the calls and “Answer” to pick them without lifting up the finger.

Amid the calls, the user just needs to press the red button to turn off and on the mute easily. This headphone has a dynamic style of giving alerts for mute when the user is talking on the phone while mute is on. It also provides such voice alerts that will help you to know that the mute is on.

Dependable Clarity

From the cafes to the busy streets of the city, we have to take up important calls. By keeping in mind this situation, Plantronics has made this headphone in such a manner that it can cut out the noise of the surroundings and provide dependable clarity.

It has around six layers of the Wind Smart Technology. It is helpful in eliminating the background noise like the wind, so the sound of the voice is crystal clear at indoors and outdoors.


The main features of this headset are following:

  • Exclusive Wind Smart technology
  • Four-microphone noise canceling
  • Smart sensor technology
  • Comfort-tested design
  • Dedicated voice control button
  • Caller ID and voice answer
  • Moisture resistant
  • Extended range
  • Portable charging
  • Dynamic mute alert

Best For Busy People

The Plantronics Voyager headset is a must for all the busy people whose jobs need them to be in touch with their clients, consumers and team members all the time. This headphone has four adaptable microphones that cancel out the noise completely and enable the other person on call to hear a clear voice. Each of the microphones has exceptional background canceling ability.

The other person on call would not be able to hear any disruption during the call if you are using this headset. It has a two-way calling capability. This headset is wireless with the range of Smartphone. The range of this headphone is about 30 meters.

Robust Headset

The Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset is a robust and strong headset. It has an awesomely contouring body that easily fits every ear type with grip, precision as well as comfort. It incorporates the smart sensor technology. With the assistance of this technology, this headphone directs the audio call where you need to hear it by checking out whether you have it or not.

You can either reject or answer the calls by giving your voice commands. The P2i nano-coating secures the entire body of this headphone. Because of which it does not get affected by humidity, splashes as well as sweat.

Working Capability

If you will wear this headphone all the time then you would not feel strain or stress on your neck at all. The reason behind it is its design that makes sure all-day comfort. It has a portable charging case that is incorporated docking stand to provide more than 13 extra hours of power. However, the portable charging case is not included in the box package of this headset.

Design and Fit

It is light in weight due to which you would feel like you have not worn anything on your ear. This Plantronics Voyager 5200 Bluetooth headset has a 2.25 inches behind-the-ear unit along with the 2.75 inches long red as well as black boom. It fits ideally that makes it super secure to use. The ear hook of this headphone is a bit short than its predecessors. The earbuds are placed uniquely to give it a style.

This 5200 Bluetooth headset has an off and on button present on its back. These buttons are easy to find and press. There is a voice command as well as call button present on the boom. The boom just swings around that makes this headphone a reversible one amid the left and right ears.

There are total three diverse ear tip sizes for the comfortable fit. Feature wise the 5200 Bluetooth headset is a complete package. It easily pairs up through the Bluetooth or NFC. You can pair it up with multiple devices. It announces the names of the callers as when it is connected to the mobile phone; it can read the contact list too.

With the help of voice commands, the user can easily dictate the text messages as well as get directions. A smartphone app can be used named Plantronics Hub that enables the headphone to beep if he/she moves out of the range. It is also used to monitor the life of the battery through the phone.

Best Range

The 5200 Bluetooth headset has the best range from the rest of the Bluetooth headsets present in the marketplace. It has a range of about 60 feet so the user can easily roam around while attending calls. However, the calls become a bit poppy when the user gets out from the range of 40 feet.

The 5200 Bluetooth headset provides low interference sounds than the Voyager Legend. The other headphones provide digital garble if the user gets into the low range that makes the sound difficult to understand. However, the 5200 Bluetooth headset interference sounds come like clicks and pops so the user can talk without any problem.



This Plantronics Voyager headset is quite aggressive when we talk about noise elimination. It provides a robotic voice quality. It removes all the background noises of the buses, cars, fans, wind, and others. For its predecessors, the wind noise has been a great challenge.

However, the Plantronics 5200 Bluetooth headset is capable of dealing with it proficiently. It is considered as the best headset to be used in a noisy environment.

It has a battery life of seven hours that is quite good. Nevertheless, it could be increased with the help of the portable charging case. It can easily be closed and wrapped up in the battery case. It can easily fit into it. The user can easily take it out whenever he/she want and use it.

Bottom Line

The Plantronics Voyager 5200 headset is a remarkable headset that provides maximum talk time. All of its microphones are proficient in eliminating and muting the disturbing outdoor noises. There is no need to rush to close the window of your car or to move into a calm place when you are using this headphone to attend calls.

It has been ergonomically designed that stays on the ear and over the ear with ease. It is a slipping headphone that will comfort your ears to the maximum.

You cannot miss out any call while using this headphone as it announces the caller name each time. The voice commands are a great feature of this headphone that makes it straightforward to use for a long time.

The material used in it is dependable and sturdy. The users just need to press two-in-one button on the headphone to enjoy the hands-free feature.

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