Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth headset is one of the most popular headsets available in the market. A famous company Plantronics designed it. It is a mobile Bluetooth headphone.

This headphone provides fabulous audio performance and comfortability. It has awesome features that set it apart from the rest. It has a portable charging case.

Plantronics audio technology

Plantronics Voyager headset is a very stylish performance‐driven headset. It is not just elegant in design but has signature Plantronics audio technology. You would just have to give voice commands. Through these commands, you can control this headphone.

You will get audio alerts to stay informed. With this headphone, you can always be ready to attend calls in an easy way.

Charges On Go

In the box of this headphone, you will get a charging case. With the help of this charging case, you can easily charge it on the go. It will add up to 10 hours more talk time to Plantronics Voyager headset.

It is quite easy to check the battery level of the case or headphone. You just have to swipe your finger on the icons displayed on the case to view the status indicator.

Eliminates disruptive noise

Plantronics Voyager headset has three tuned microphones. All these microphones are best to eliminate the background noise. This headphone will not just optimize your voice but would cancel out the noise of all types.

It does not matter if you are using this headphone during driving or in windy weather, the other person on call could not get disturbed by the background noises. This headphone completely supports the wideband audio. Due to this technology, it is compatible with the Smartphones to provide HD Voice.

Responds to your requirements

Voyager headset by Plantronics incorporates the smart sensor technology. This technology is helpful in redirecting the calls to your headphone or telephone. You can easily pause the music for the incoming calls. Not just that, you can answer the calls automatically when you will wear the headphone on your ear.

This smart sensor technology will synchronize all your contacts so that you can hear who is calling you without even looking at your mobile. The voice commands are used to manage the calls easily. You can say Ignore to cancel the call and Answer to take the call.


This headphone is dependable and reliable. You can depend on this Voyager Edge Bluetooth headphone as it works great for a long time. You can use it in the rainy weather as the rain would not affect it in any way.

It has a special P2i technology that is the nano-coating. It is used to protect the headphone from moisture and water. You can wear it during your workout as sweat would also not damage it. It has liquid repellent properties that make it ideal for use.

Complete Features of This Headset

It is a headset that has the following features:

  • Three microphones
  • Signature Audio Technology
  • Charging Case
  • Smart Sensor Technology
  • Voice Commands
  • Light In Weight
  • Tapping & Pairing with NFC-enabled Smartphones
  • Select Language for alerts & commands
  • Wideband Audio Technology
  • HD Voice

Light in Weight

It is a headset that is light in weight. You can wear it for a long time without getting tired. You can use it for both professional and individual use.

Superb Design

Plantronics Voyager headset has a uniquely shaped body. It has a compact design and thin boom.  It likewise depends on an outline that swears off a massive earloop. It is smaller in size than the Legend and Jabra Motion.

It has a mini USB port to charge and connect to the computers. It has a Jawbone Era that is comfier than the Voyager headphone. The Era's teardrop silicone ear gel is very soft and smooth but strong as well. This headset is tightly sealed that makes it more stable.

Bluetooth Capabilities

This headphone supports the Bluetooth 4 standard. It just packs a lot of slick abilities which complements its slim profile. This headset uses total three microphones that work great in unison to eliminate the background noise. It transfers the voice clearly to the other person on call. It has the hardware that is larger than the Voyager Legend.

Battery Life

It has a good battery life. However, its battery life is less than the Voyager Legend. It can be used for about 10 hours whether you play music or be on call. This headphone has a promoted talk time of six hours.  As compared to other Bluetooth headphones in the market, it has less battery life.

The Standby Time

The standby time of this headphone is just seven days. It is shorter than the other Plantronics headsets. It only takes one and a half hour for complete charging. The portable charging case expands its battery life proficiently.

Hands-Free Abilities

When you press the button of voice commands present on the headphone, then you can easily use four different commands. The first one is the “PAIR MODE.” It is used to link the headphone to a different device.

The second one is the “AM I CONNECTED.” It is used to check the status of the connection. The other two are the “CHECK BATTERY” as well as “CALL BACK.” The “CHECK BATTERY” is used to view how much battery life is left into the device. The “CALL BACK” is used to dial the number of the last person that you have called.

You would just need to use the voice commands to attend or cancel the calls. With the help of this headphone, you can even easily dictate the text messages. When someone is calling you, then the headphone will announce who is calling you. In this way, you would be able to access your contacts proficiently.

You can interact with the Google and Siri virtual assistants. It has many sensors that are functional in different ways. When somebody is calling you, then you can just wear it on your ear and answer the call immediately and automatically. When you want to end the call then you need to take the headphone off.


Plantronics Voyager headset looks quite identical to the manta ray. It has only two tones black and silver design. Its weight is only 0.30 ounces to test its steadiness. This headphone comes in three different sizes of earbuds, i.e., Small, Medium and Large. You can choose the one that you need. The ear gels used in the manufacturing of this headphone is water resistant to keep the headphone safe from moisture.

Support & Help

Plantronics is a company that specializes in the Bluetooth headphones. It also provides audio communication devices. Plantronics provides superb support and helps to all device users. This voyager Edge is available with one year warranty that makes it an industry standard.

Wide Range

This headphone can be linked to the mobile phones, tablets, and computers without any cords. The range of the headphone is about 33 foot. If you move out from the range while using the headphone, then you will start getting alerts.

And when you are out of range then the headphone would not work at all. However, you do not have to connect the headphone when you come back into the range. It will automatically link up to the device.

More Information

It is helpful for those who have to travel a lot and need to use headphone most of the times. When the battery of the headset becomes down, then you would just need to connect it to the charging case, and you are good to use it.

It has a battery of lithium ion polymer. With the help of this Voyager Edge, you do not have to look at your phone during incoming calls as the audible caller ID would tell you the caller name.

The microphones incorporate the latest digital signal processing technology that provides the crystal clear voice. In this way, you would have a crystal-clear talk. The headphone includes the acoustic echo cancellation that is used to eliminate the echoes.

It features the automatic volume adjustment as well as sidetone detection to provide awesome call performance and audio quality.

Last Word

The Plantronics Voyager headphone is simple and easy to use. It has an impressive talk time and design. You can choose the language of your choice in which you want to give voice commands or get alerts. It includes a multipoint technology that enables you to connect up to two phones. Not just that, you can any of the two phones to answer the calls.

The iPads and iPhone users can also use this headphone. The Android users can easily access the Plantronics Hub app to use this headphone in the best way. The best part of this headphone is its portable charging case that is used to increase its battery life. It has a smooth and sleek design. Both professionals and individuals can make the most out of this headphone.

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