Motorola Timeport 270c CDMA Bluetooth Cellular Phones

Motorola Timeport 270c CDMA Bluetooth Cellular Phones
Manage your life. The Timeport 270c is packed full of features to increase your productivity. Plus an innovative, ergonomic design… consider it stylish efficiency. Voice activated dialing and feature recall is triggered with a spoken command, or voice tag. Full PIM functionality to get it together and get organized. And text messaging to send, receive and store notes from your phone. The Timeport 270c - truly the ultimate business tool.

  • CDMA 800/1900 and analog 800 MHz networks
  • Integrated Two-Way Speaker Phone - allows you to hold conference calls in almost any location and allows for hands-free use of your wireless phone while in the vehicle
  • Bluetooth™ wireless technology with optional smart module - synchronization, dial up networking and fax, capability are totally wireless
  • Large, High Resolution 128 x 100 Graphical Display
  • Voice Recognition Dialing and Menu Shortcuts
  • Voice Recorder - leave yourself a memo
  • WAP 1.1 Enabled Microbrowser - access stock prices, local news and sport scores, all wireless! (01)
  • Personal Information Manager (PIM) - 400 phonebook; 400 datebook with alarm
  • iTAP™ software for simplified text entry - anticipates the word you are trying to spell when entering text in email, short messages or other edit modes.
  • New Menu Navigation - travel effortlessly through your phone with enhanced visual queues and a list-based menu
  • Multi-point Synchronization - using optional Starfish® True Sync® software you can perform multipoint synchronization with compatible PIM manager devices, desktop applications and web based services
  • Multiple Connectivity Solutions - RS-232, USB, Bluetooth™ wireless technology
  • 32 Distinctive Ring Tones
  • VibraCall® alert - to discreetly notify you of incoming calls.
  • Two-way SMS messaging - allows you to send, receive and store short alphanumeric text messages with another compatible wireless device or email address
  • 4.7 ounces with standard battery
  • 7.63 cubic inches
  • 5.1 x 2 x 1.0 inches (phone with standard battery attached)
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