Plantronics M3500 Bluetooth Headset with DSP & Active Noise Cancellation

Plantronics M3500 Bluetooth Headset with DSP & Active Noise Cancellation

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The New M3500 is Plantronics newest mobile headset with Bluetooth technology.

The M3500 incorporates Plantronics proprietary Audio IQ™ technology, active noise cancellation and an integrated digital signal processor (DSP) to significantly improve audio quality in noisy environments. The M3500 also includes a car lighter adapter and carry pouch, which are optional accessories for the M3000.

Features and Benefits:
  • Audio IQ™ technology: Improves audio quality in noisy environments so you can hear more clearly
  • Active noise cancellation: Background noise is cancelled out, so your voice is transmitted clearly
  • Compatible with Bluetooth v1.1 devices supporting the headset and hands-free profile: Wireless, hands-free convenience for your mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, or automobile
  • New earloop design for greater stability and comfort: Comfortable wearing for extended conversations
Audio IQ™ Capabilities

Plantronics proprietary Audio IQ™ technology utilizes a digital signal processor (DSP) to improve audio quality. On the receive or listening side, Audio IQ technology automatically analyzes the incoming signal and raises softer portions over the noise threshold without causing distortion, so the person wearing the M3500 can hear more clearly and understand what is being said. In noisy environments where it’s sometimes hard to hear, the M3500 user will have a more comfortable listening experience.

Active Noise-Cancellation Capabilities:

When a voice signal is transmitted from the M3500, active noise cancellation significantly reduces ambient background noise. The person receiving the call hears only the caller, not the surrounding environment. This software technology is key for a wireless device targeted at mobile business professionals, where understanding each other clearly is paramount.

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