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Plantronics BACKBEAT PRO 2 SE

Plantronics BACKBEAT PRO 2 SE
Headset Zone Price: $239.99
MSRP: $249.99
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Users who seek quality hearing devices should consider products by Plantronics as it is one of the most reputed and reliable companies. The backbeat pro 2 SE is an economically priced headset with state of the art features. This headset has a noise cancellation feature that can be activated according to the demand of the user. If you are in a public place and you want to listen to your favorite music in peace, you can activate the noise cancellation feature.

Corded headphones limit the freedom of the user as he has to restrict himself to one place while using the device. In case of the Pro 2 SE, users do not have to follow any such restriction as the device is wireless. It is equipped with high standard blue tooth connectivity. The sound quality provided by this headset cannot be termed as standard or ordinary in any manner. The audio quality is crisp and immensely clear. Along with that, the extra bass makes music a simple delight.

  • The user can use the noise cancellation feature when he thinks that the need is there
  • Blue connectivity that has a range of 100 meters
  • The on demand listening feature can be activated by the user according to his need. This helps in listening to all kinds of backgrounds sounds without taking off the device.
  • Smart sensors help in automatic pausing and replaying of music files when the device is taken off and worn again. Users do not have to press any buttons for this purpose.
  • Easy to carry device in terms of travelling

    The Pro 2 SE has a Bluetooth range of 100 meters. This simply means that the user can walk out of his cubical and talk comfortably. Similarly, he does not have to keep his tablet or smartphone by his side when he is listening to his favorite music. Plantronics backbeat PRO SE has multipoint sensors. If you need to take off your headphones while enjoying your favorite music.

    The music file would be automatically paused when the user would take the device off. The standby time provided by this device is quite amazing. After being fully charged, you can hear your favorite songs for an entire day (24 hours). If the device is unused, the standby time can last up to 21 days. Similarly, if the device goes into hibernation mode, the power can even last up to 6 months. If you are seeking a headset that does not have to recharged after short time spans, the Pro SE 2 is one of the options that you should look at. This headset simply offers amazing comfort level to the users. The speakers have a pivotal cup design with soft cushioned padding.

    This proves to be a helpful option for the user when he has to use the headset for long hours. As a user, you can wear the headset for long hours without tolerating any form of earn irritation. The backbeat Pro 2 SE is the perfect combination of quality sound, high level comfort and economical price.

  • Headset Zone Price: $239.99
    You are saving: $10.00 // off the regular price >>
    MSRP: $249.99
    Item code: plantronics-backbeat-pro-2-se
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