Plantronics BACKBEAT PRO 2

Plantronics BACKBEAT PRO 2

Plantronics BACKBEAT PRO 2
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Picking a good headset can be a tough decision if you have several options available. The Plantronics backbeat Pro 2 is a better option than other headsets due to a number of reasons. One of them is the outstanding noise cancellation ability that this headset has. This noise cancellation feature is activated on the demand of the user. In this way, you can listen to your favorite music in peace even when you are a part of a noise environment. This headset has a very affordable price as compared to the price that it has.

As compared to the previous version of backbeat, the backbeat pro 2 is sleeker and less bulky in terms of appearance. Along with that, once you take off your headphone, the music being played would come to an automatic stop. Similarly, it will be automatically replayed when the user would put the headphone again. This facility is provided with the help of smart sensors that come along with the headset. Is the sound quality impressive? It is highly impressive by all means and users do not have to tolerate any distortion issues.

The backbeat pro 2 comes along with an extraordinary Bluetooth range as well. You can easily carry on with your calls to a maximum range of 100 meters.

  • The headset has on demand noise cancellation feature that allows you to put an end to background sounds when you want to.

  • Blue tooth facility with a range of 100 meters (approximately 330 feet)
  • A more economical price as compared to the headsets with similar features
  • 100% sound clarity
  • A standby time of 24 hours after the battery has been fully charged. This helps the user as the headset does not have to be recharged after short intervals.
  • Sleek compact design making it easy to carry while travelling

    When you are planning to buy a wireless headset, you would undoubtedly consider the standby time that the headset has. No one likes to recharge the headset every now and then. The backbeat pro 2 has a standby time of one day (24 hours) allowing the users to carry on with their calls and music without worrying about running out of power. A lot of users like to carry their headsets when they are travelling. As this device has a compact design, you can easily carry it without any problems. This headset is extremely comfortable to wear as well.

    It has a pivot ear cup design with soft padding on the speakers. Even the user wears it for long hours on daily basis, he does not face any irritation on the ears. When you are buying a wireless headset, your aim should be to get a quality branded headset at an economical price with a certain set of features. Plantronics is one of the most reliable headset companies and backbeat pro carries some of the best features at an affordable price. Apart from that it has a very stylish appearance and attractive color theme.

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