Jabra GN2100 Series Headsets

Jabra GN2100 is one of our most popular, award-winning headphones for business and contact middle surroundings. It gives you everything you want in a headset: great audio and a relaxed fit. One way to make sure the quick adopting of a headset is to make sure workers can modify it to match their selections. The Jabra GN2100 provides 4 different mono headset designs, allowing your workers to choose the design that suits their way of working. It also comes with a selection of ear clothing and ear pillows, ensuring a relaxed fit and some satisfied workers. The GN 2100 is the state-of-the-art, expert headsets for present day business providing unparalleled audio excellent and superior discussion. The headsets compact, smooth design increases one expert picture and relaxation as well as efficiency. The GN 2100s Series similar dressed in designs indicates you can change designs as often as you wish. You can choose the headsets in either an over-the-head or on-the-ear dressed in design. The different growth hands come outfitted with different microphone to match all office surroundings, from silent to higher ones. The GN2100 Duo Fold Boom is an ultra-lightweight headsets. It's 3-in-1 design allows you to choose from dressed in its over-the-head, over-the-ear or behind-the-neck. Whatever way you choose, its smooth leatherette ear pillows provide all day relaxation. The double earpieces mean that you aren't preoccupied by exterior disturbance while you're on a contract, and disturbance closing technology indicates discussion excellent is excellent - more like having a face-to-face discussion with your call.

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