Jabra GN2117 ST Surefit Monaural

Jabra GN2117 ST Surefit Monaural

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Jabra GN2117 ST Surefit Monaural

GN 2117 SureFit SoundTube on-the-ear headsets is smooth and compact, this GN 2100 SoundTube™ design uses Sound Indication Line (ATL) technology—the first considerable progression in speech pipe technological innovation and style. GN Netcom’s ATL technological innovation removes audio reverberations and disturbances usually associated with nasty speech pipes. It's compact, very resilient, and extremely relaxed, even if used all day long. A click-stop headpiece provides a personalized fit and pillow-soft ear pillows rest carefully over the ear. The Jabra GN2100 IP and Jabra GN2100 are part of Jabra's award-winning headsets sequence for business and contact center experts using conventional table telephone. In fact, many customers say that its excellent audio quality gives them the feeling they're having a "face to face" discussion. Moreover, the headset's smooth information and compact, ergonomic office style provide a unique mixture of style, relaxation.

Key Feature

  • Over the Ear SureFit Headset

  • Single Earpiece

  • ATL Technology

  • Lightweight

  • SoundTube w/ Omnidirectional Mic

  • Convenient Swing-Away Boom

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