The Jabra GN2000 Series can be used with table mobile mobile phone devices, cellular and softphones. The UC package, which includes an IP ear mobile mobile phone device and a Jabra LINK 280 adaptor, enables users to reaction their softphones and take cell mobile phone phone calls with the same headsets. Whatever mobile mobile phone they use, your workers will have the huge selection of managing contacts features, allowing them to react and end phone calls, modify the amount and mime the mic, all from the headsets. The Jabra GN2000 Series lets you hear everything, the first time. For PC-based IP telephone, the Jabra GN2000 IP and Jabra GN2000 USB facilitate the complete IP system information for applications such as speech identification, voice-over-IP calling and computer-based training. For traditional telephone, the Jabra GN2000 Series is the ideal headsets for busy and loud surroundings, using the complete regularity of the telephone system to ensure remarkable audio quality on every get in touch with. From its durable rubber-plastic blend to strengthened stress relief and impact-resistant headbands, everything about the Jabra GN2000 Series has been designed with strength in mind - making it perfect for even the most challenging get in touch with companies.

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