Jabra GN2020 Mono, NC IP, Microsoft Lync/OC

Jabra GN2020 Mono, NC IP, Microsoft Lync/OC

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GN2020 Mono, NC IP, Microsoft Lync/OC

The Jabra® GN2000 series lets you hear everything, the first time. For PC-based IP telephone, the Jabra GN2000 IP can handle the complete IP system information for programs such as conversation identification, voice-over-IP contacting and computer-based training. For traditional telephone, the Jabra GN2000 series is the ideal headsets for busy and loud surroundings, utilizing the complete regularity of the telephone system to ensure remarkable audio quality on every contact.From its durable rubber-plastic blend to strengthened stress relief and impact-resistant headbands, everything of the Jabra GN2000 series has been designed with strength in mind - making it perfect for even the most challenging contact facilities.If your company is phasing out table mobile phones and moving to Specific Marketing and sales communications and mobile phone devices for conversation needs, you need a solution that allows you to response both your softphone and cell mobile phone using the same headsets. You can response your softphone and enjoy the superior UC wideband audio while having the versatility to also take mobile phone calls from your cell mobile phone using the same ear mobile phones. The huge selection of contact control performance allows you to answer/end mobile phone calls, modify the volume, and mime the mic.

Key Feature

  • Developed for active sales departments and noisy open office environments

  • Workers enjoy good audio performance and less disruptions with duo speakers

  • Quick Detach plug - Easily disconnect the ear phones from the mobile phone without having to eliminate the headset

  • Customers encounter clear, professional mobile phone calls with noise-canceling feature

  • Works with cell mobile phone devices, conventional table mobile phones, WiFi mobile phones and DECT phones

  • Developed to boost the encounter of using a Unifified Marketing and sales communications customer, such as Skype or Ms Lync

  • Narrowband regularity reaction - able to produce audio in a range appropriate for conventional analogue mobile phone lines

  • Growth arm that can be modified to the user.

  • Contains large leatherette ear cushions

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