Wireless Access Point / Universal Repeater

Wireless Access Point / Universal Repeater

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EAP-3660 802.11G High Power 600MW Wireless Access Point / Universal Repeater Manufacturer Part# EAP-3660

EAP-3660 features high wireless output power and receive sensitivity along with antenna diversity. High output power and high sensitivity extend wireless coverage to reduce the roaming between access points and to provide a reliable wireless connection. It also reduces the total cost of ownership on hardware.

The attractive design, high performance and array of features make the EAP-3660 a suitable wireless solution for your residence or office.


key features:

      • Minimal footprint and no protruding antennas
      • Designed to blend in to various business environments
      • Unobtrusive design prevents tampering to protect your investment
      • Power and data over one cable to ease deployment
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