Digital Clarity Power

Digital Clarity Power
Clarity Professional™ products use patented Digital Clarity Power technology to recognize and amplify conversations. Not only does Digital Clarity Power technology dampen noise and sudden sounds, it actually recognizes the human voice and focuses on making your conversation easier to hear and understand.

Clarity® is the first to bring the expensive technology found in digital hearing aids to telephones.

Digital Clarity Power (DCP) uses a digital signal processor (DSP) computer chip to process the incoming sounds of each telephone call. The DSP chip digitizes the incoming sound (i.e. converts the analog signal into a digital signal—1’s and 0’s). Once the sound is digitized, the signal can be manipulated to remove distortions and amplify only the desired sounds.

Digital Clarity Power has three main features: Multiband Compression, Acoustic Echo Cancellation and Noise Reduction.

Multiband Compression DCP uses Multiband Compression (MBC) to provide "intelligent amplification" by using proprietary algorithms to determine which incoming sounds are the human voice and provide more amplification to those sounds while suppressing other sounds.

Acoustic Echo Cancellation With a normal amplified telephone, sound coming out of the earpiece is picked up by the mouthpiece and reprocessed, creating a feedback loop which listeners notice as an echo or, in worst cases, squealing. DCP uses Acoustic Echo Cancellation to recognize that the sound in the loop has already been processed and breaks the feedback loop.

Noise Reduction All telephones, amplified or not, have some amount of noise inherent to the system. In addition, most telephones also transmit background noises. While typical amplified telephones often increase these sounds, DCP utilizes Noise Reduction software to suppress them, making conversations more comfortable than ever before.
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