Clarity Professional PL100 Personal Listener

Clarity Professional PL100 Personal Listener

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The Personal Listener, with its small omni-directional microphone and a comfortable ear hook, amplifies incoming sounds up to 40 dB. It is best used in one-on-one conversations, small group settings and when listening to television or music. Users or their caregivers can improve the quality and clarity of specific sounds by aiming the device�s microphone in the direction from which the sounds are emanating.

Clarity Professional PL100 Features

  • Automatic gain control switch (full gain is 40db) - eliminate most background noise and controls feedback
  • Max Boost switch for maximum amplification possible
  • Detachable Omni-directional microphone with 12' extension cord
  • Built-in microphone
  • Comfortable and convenient ear hook is adjustable for both ear
  • Drop-in style charger
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