YEALINK Teams Rooms system for ProAV Rms

YEALINK Teams Rooms system for ProAV Rms

YEALINK Teams Rooms system for ProAV Rms
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The Yealink MVC S90 is a comprehensive Microsoft Teams Rooms system designed specifically for Pro-AV (Professional Audio Visual) rooms, particularly those of larger sizes. This advanced setup aims to deliver an immersive meeting experience for both on-site and remote participants, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.

The MVC S90 system boasts a range of high-tech components:

UVC86 Intelligent Multi-Camera System: This includes dual 4K sensors offering features like auto-framing, speaker tracking, presenter tracking with gesture control, and picture-in-picture, ensuring all participants are visible and engaged.

MCore Pro Mini-PC: Powered by an 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor, it comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB SSD, offering robust performance for handling video conferencing tasks.

MTouch Plus Touch Panel: An 11.6-inch touch console that provides easy access to meeting controls and supports both wired and wireless content sharing. AVHub: Facilitates audio and video processing, ensuring high-quality transmission.

BYOD-Extender: Enhances the system's versatility by allowing users to connect their own devices easily.

RoomSensor: Monitors room occupancy, temperature, humidity, and light, which can help in managing the environment of the conference room.

WPP30 4K Wireless Presentation Pods: Enables effortless sharing of presentation material without the need for cables or additional software.

One of the standout features of the MVC S90 is its flexibility to suit various room layouts and sizes, catering to both rectangular and curved conference tables. It also accommodates different audio solutions, such as wired and ceiling microphones combined with soundbars, to match specific room acoustics and meeting requirements.

The system is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing AV and control systems, thus avoiding the need for complete overhauls and saving costs. Moreover, the MVC S90 system eliminates unnecessary camera tracking processes, focusing instead on meaningful communication, whether it's a remote board meeting or an in-person panel discussion.

For organizations looking to enhance their professional AV capabilities in large meeting or conference rooms, the Yealink MVC S90 presents a sophisticated, feature-rich solution that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to foster effective collaboration.



  • MCorePro - Gen-3 Mini-PC,
  • MTouch Plus - Gen-3 touch panel,
  • AVHub - audio and video processor,
  • 2x UVC86 USB PTZ camera,
  • 2x WPP30 wireless presentation pod,
  • RoomSensor - meeting room sensor,
  • Multiple Cameras
  • Camera Layout Adjustment
  • Wireless Content Sharing, BYOD and BYOD extender
  • Device Management
  • Multi-screen Control
  • Divisible Conference Room
  • Third-party DSP
  • Multiple Speakers Tracking
  • Warranty can added up to an additional 3 years with a max of 5 years total
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