Walker W3-500PNH-00 Handset for KIOSK and Help Phones

Walker W3-500PNH-00 Handset for KIOSK and Help Phones

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Help Phone & Kiosk Handset products look like handsets, but are actually self-contained telephones without the dialing function. They are generally used with a separate automatic dialing device or telephone company service. However multiple units may be connected with a separate power supply to form an almost endless variety of stand-alone intercoms or emergency communication links.

Help Phone & Kiosk Handsets also known as tip/ring telephones - there is no dial pad in the handset. Help Phone & Kiosk Handsets are ideal for elevators, building entries, lobbies and other security applications.

The W3500PNH features:
  • Payphone Type Armored Cord
  • Telephone Network
  • Plastic Hanger with Hookswitch
  • Color: Black
The hanger with hookswitch (H) will fit into elevator boxes 3112 deep.
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