viking E10A entry phone

viking E10A entry phone

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Provide Convenient Handsfree Communication


The E-10A and E-20B are telephone line powered entry phones designed to provide two-way handsfree communication. Both function identically, but are available in two different housings to better suit the application. When the “Call” button is pressed, the E-10A or E-20B will come off-hook and will remain off-hook until a CPC signal is detected, the programmed timeout has elapsed, a busy signal is detected, or the call goes silent, making the unit automatically disconnect. The E-10A/20B can be connected directly to a C.O. line or analog PABX/KSU station when programmed as a ringdown circuit, or used with a Viking Dialer. If a line or station is not available, Viking’s DLE-200B ring down circuit can be used. One to four E-10A/20B speaker phones can share an existing phone line in a house or small business when used with a Viking C-200, C-250 or C-2000B Entry Phone Controller. The E-10A-EWP and E-20A-EWP shares all of the features of the E-10A and E-20B in addition to Enhanced Weather Protection (EWP) for outdoor installations where the unit is exposed to precipitation or condensation. EWP products feature foam rubber gaskets and boots, sealed connections, gel-filled butt connectors, as well as urethane or thermal plastic potted circuit boards with internally sealed, field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches for easy on-site programming. For more information, see DOD# 859.

  • Door or gate communication, business delivery entrances
  • Use with a Viking C-200 or C-250 to control an E-10A or E-20B on a single line
  • Use with a Viking C-2000B to control 1 to 4 E-10A/E- 20B’s and door/gate control on a single phone line
  • Provide unique front and back door chimes and paging when used with a Viking SLP-1, SLP-4 and C-2000B
  • Residential, commercial and industrial door security Use with a Viking K-1900-5 or K-1900-30 for automatic speed dialing on telephone lines or analog PABX/KSU station ports Use on any analog PABX station port with programmable ringdown capability

Key Feature
  • Alternate action call button to place or cancel a call Intelligent call progress detection for automatic hang-up on CPC, silence, busy signal, or time out
  • Telephone line powered
  • Weather resistant features: mylar speaker, gaskets, internally sealed push button switch, UV stable exterior, enamel coated PCB
  • E-10A-EWP and E-20B-EWP are designed to meet IP66 Ingress Protection Rating (see DOD# 859)
  • Adjustable microphone and speaker volume
  • Programmable maximum call length
  • Selectable auto-answer feature allows remote monitoring Two way handsfree communication
  • Programmable VOX (mic/speaker) switching speed
  • E-10A/E-10A-EWP Features:
  • Vandal resistant, black powder painted, aluminum face plate with heavy duty 316 stainless steel call button and mounting gasket
  • Flush mountable using included plastic rough-in box part # 259576
  • Surface mount with optional VE-5x5 (DOD# 424)
  • E-20B/E-20B-EWP Features:
  • Light gray colored, impact resistant, U.V. stable, plastic chassis
  • Surface mountable only

  • Power: Telephone line powered (18 VDC/20mA minimum)
  • E-10A Dimensions: Overall: 127mm x 127mm x 57.2mm (5” x 5” x 2.25”), Rough-in box: 102mm x 102mm x 57mm (4” x 4” x 2.25”)
  • E-20B Dimensions: 140mm x 115mm x 38mm (5.5” x 4.5” x 1.5”)
  • Shipping Weights: E-10A: .91 kg (2 lbs), E-20B: .75 kg (1.5 lbs)
  • Standard E-10A/E-20B Environment: -34° C to 65° C (-30° F to 150° F) with 5% to 95% non-condensing humidity
  • E-10A/E-20B-EWP Environment: -34° C to 65° C (-30° F to 150° F) with up to 100% condensing humidity
  • Speaker Volume: Approximately 70db maximum @ 1m
  • Ring Voltage: 25V AC RMS minimum
  • CPC Disconnect Time: 300ms minimum
  • REN: 0.8A
  • Connections: (2) gel-filled butt connectors
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