Miniature Gooseneck

Miniature Gooseneck

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Variable Polar Pattern / Miniature Gooseneck: GN20VPD

The variable polar pattern miniature Gooseneck GN20VPD is a sequence of dual-flex, continuously-variable complete design, and miniature-gooseneck condenser microphone with incorporated desk stand, automated membrane swap, LED, and sense program. Special attention has been taken to design the GN20VPD sequence to fight disturbance from devices such as phones and two-way interaction gadgets. The important 80Hz, 12dB/octave high-pass filter eliminates unwanted low-frequency energy to improve intelligibility. The wire can easily be made to quit the bottom or the back of the stand. The GN20VPD sequence features sense I/O functions that can be utilized with automatic appliances, teleconferencing techniques and management techniques. The sense feedbacks can slightly management the LED as well as membrane swaps activation.


  • Operating Principal: Condenser
    • Polar Pattern: Continuously-variable
    • Frequency Response: 80Hz - 18kHz
    • Sensitivity: -36dBV (16mV) @ 1Pa
    • Impedance: 120ohms
    • Self Noise: 29dBA
    • Max SPL: 120dB, 1% THD, 1KHz
    • Power Requirements: P12, P24, P48, 4mA
    • Connector: TB4M-type (TA4F-type to 3-pin male XLR-type cable included).
    • Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm corresponds to positive voltage on pin 1 relative to pin 2 at TB4M-type connector.
    • Logic Output: NPN open collector, 30V, 50mA, max
    • Logic Input: 40K ohm pull-up resistor to 1.3V
    • Finish: Durable matte-black urethane
    • Dimensions: (See spec sheet pdf)
    • Net Weight [Mass]:
    • GN15VPD: 1lb 8oz [0.70Kg]
    • GN20VPD: 1lb 10oz [0.73g]
    • Packaged Weight [Mass]:
    • GN15VPD: 1lb 15oz [0.87Kg]
    • GN20VPD: 2lbs 0oz [0.90Kg]
    • RF Immunity: Meets or exceeds EN55103-2, E1, E2, E3 and E4
    • RoHS Compliant
    • †Specifications subject to change without notice.
    • Included Accessories: 30' [9m] cable, foam windscreen, adhesive “Astatic” security cover.
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