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Turtle Beach Headsets

Turtle Beach Gaming Headsets

Turtle beach gaming headsets designed the games headset classification and we have been the innovator ever since launching their first XBOX headset more than five years ago. They are variety one because their items are based on the most crucial that excellent sound is a crucial part of the movie gaming experience and the market has reacted, said Bob Picunko, primary marketing official at Turtle beach. The newest NPD data has proven the most powerful development in the record of Turtle beach and the classification itself. The generation of a devoted Turtle beach gaming headset classification and our significant business is proof of the excellent of their product and the desire of gamers to have a more immersive sound experience.

The Turtle Beach X41 wireless headset uses Dolby 7.1 surround sound for CD-quality sound comparable to many expensive headphones. And 2.4 GHz digital wireless technology means that the RF signal RF will not require "line of sight" most of wireless games should function. You can walk around your room without having to worry about losing signals.

Turtle beach has following features:

� Separate volume controls for the game and online chat allows you to adjust the sound level of each one exactly the volume you need for a very balanced sound level and improving their suffering over their game gameplay. No discussion by the submerged volume of the game itself, you hear what you need to listen instead.

� Sick of being killed while trying to adjust the volume to hear your chat mates Talkback Expander Increase dynamic solution to the problem of whether the volume of play begins to get stronger, the momentum of the chat feature automatically adjusts the volume Cat? So no more likely to die while trying to adjust the volume!

� With the Turtle Beach Headset X41 Wireless, you can actually feel the "boom" sounds like blast of explosions and bullets fly, as the sounds of deep bass from a "subwoofer" sound system. Improves your experience game by making it much more exciting.

Plantronics Gaming Headsets

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xbox headsets

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Turtle Beach Nintendo Headsets

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Turtle Beach Tournament Series Headset

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Turtle Beach Headset Accessories

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