STE The Secure Terminal Equipment Office Telephone

The Secure Terminal Equipment (STE)

The Secure Terminal Equipment (STE)/Office is the evolutionary successor to the STU-III. The STE program will improve shore secure voice communications as well as shipboard communications by changing out the analog STU-III products with digital-based STE products. The STE cryptographic engine is on a removable Fortezza Plus KRYPTON � Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) Card, which is provided separately. The STE Data Terminal provides a reliable, secure, high rate digital data modem for applications where only data transfer (FAX, PC files, Video Teleconferencing, etc.) is required.

Secure Terminal Equipment (STE) Features:

  • Compatible with:
    • ISDN phone lines
    • Analog POTS lines
  • Backward Compatible with STU-III
  • FNBDT Capable
  • Crystal Clear Secure Voice
  • High Speed (128 Kbps) Secure Data
  • KY-68/STU-III Replacement
  • Advanced Interoperable Crypto
  • Tempest and TSG Approved
  • L-3 Communication Systems - East, is in production of STEs, the most versatile instrument for interoperable secure voice and data.
  • Both the STE and KOV-14 crypto card have received operational secure voice and data traffic approval from the Government Program Office.
  • The STE operates with many types of digital ISDN switches, as well as with the analog, Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) for seamless interface with STU-IIIs at 2.4/4.8 Kbps rates. With ISDN, the STE provides full quality secure voice at 32Kbps, or data transmission at speeds up to 128 Kbps. Voice quality is crystal clear, and the combination of voice and data brings secure multimedia applications, like video conferencing, to the desktop. High speed digital FAXing and PC datafile transfer are also supported through a standard EIA-232/530A interface.

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