Technics SH-MZ1200 Professional DJ 4-channel Mixer with Digital In/Outs

Technics SH-MZ1200 Professional DJ 4-channel Mixer with Digital In/Outs

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A perfect companion for the new turntable is the SH-MZ1200 DJ mixer. The new DJ mixer features a unique four-channel play mode feature, which provides surround sound at venues by assigning each track to Right/Left or Front/Rear. The SH-MZ1200 digital mixer is fully equipped with 12 inputs (CD x 2, Line x 3, Phono x 3, Mic x 2, Digital x 2) and 7 outputs. (Master x 3, Headphone x 1, Monitor x 1, Recording x 1, Digital x 1) Each channel has its own 3-band equalizer with –24dB (12dB/oct) attenuation.

Five self-illuminating Cue buttons select from four source channels and the effects channel, with Monitor Mixing knob and Mono Split Mode for headphone monitoring. Effects controls include level adjustment, Send and Return, a Pre/Post switch and individual effect On/Off switches for each channel.

Other features include:
  • An optical Cross Fader, which uses microprocessor controlled VCA technology for extended service life and has three types of curves.
  • Left/Right Split for independent fader and equalizer control over the left and right stereo channels.
  • Separate Out to send Channel 1 or 2 to the front speakers, and Channel 3 or 4 to rear speakers.
  • Fader-triggered start-stop for digital turntables, two digital inputs, and reverse selectors for all faders.
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