Sennheiser HMEC-460 ANR Headset

Sennheiser HMEC-460 ANR Headset

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Sennheiser ANR Headset


Built in music (MP3, DVD, iPOD) and cell phone interface. The audio will automatically fade when there is a transmission. The set can also be used as standard headphones - one can just switch off the NoiseGard feature and enjoy! The ultra-cushioned headband has 30% less caliper pressure than its predecessor, meaning the set will rest more comfortably around your head. The new extremely soft leatherette earpads add to the comfy feel The new silver-brushed surface gives the set a sleeker, more exclusive look.Individual volume controls for each ear. 10 Year Warranty The HMEC-460 includes both the standard dual aviation plugs used in civilian fixed wing aircraft as well as an XLR-3 connector that can be used in aircraft that have been previously wired with an XLR-3 connector. If you don't need the XLR-3 connector, we also offer the Sennheiser HMEC-461 which only has the standard dual aviation plugs.If you have a 6-pin Redel connector (also called a Bose connector) if your aircraft, we offer the HMEC-466 that includes a Redel connector for panel power. Experience excellent noise attenuation over the entire frequency range. The HMEC 460 NoiseGard(TM) ensures superior speech intelligibility and voice transmission - even in the loudest of surroundings. The Sennheiser HMEC 460 is a wonderful lightweight addition to the class of Active Noise Canceling Headsets. Utilizing Sennheisers state of the art fidelity speakers and microphone, the HMEC 460 creates an extremely comfortable flying experience with the ultimate in hearing protection and comfort. The HMEC 460 also carries an unbelievable 10 year warranty! The HMEC 460 can achieve up to 40db of total hearing protection. You have to try them to believe it. The HMEC 460 weighs in at just 14.4 oz! This lightweight headset is fitted with a volume control for the headphones, flexible boom microphone, collapsible leatherette cushioned headband, leatherette ear seals, mono/stereo switch and the on/off switch for NoiseGard(TM) circuitry. With ease of use and optimum comfort in mind.

Key Feature
  • Built in music (MP3, DVD, iPOD) and cell phone interface.
  • The audio will automatically fade when there is a transmission.
  • Constant attenuation of up to 40 dB throughout the entire audio range
  • Advanced transducer design ensures excellent speech intelligibility
  • Electronics fully integrated into headphone capsules Can be used as conventional headphones when supply voltage
  • is switched off
  • Noise-compensated boom microphone for superior speech transmissions
  • Volume control
  • Mono/stereo switch
  • Alkaline battery holder included (Holds 2 "AA" batteries-not included)
  • Flexible boom microphone for right or left side use High-quality carrying bag
  • Leatherette ear seals
  • Leatherette headpad
  • 10 Year Warranty!
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