Sennheiser BW900 Wireless Headset

Sennheiser BW900 Wireless Headset

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You can use the BW 900 headset with your regular office desktop (up to 100 metres) and mobile phones, as well as alternative telephone types such as smart phones, soft phones, etc. Needless to say, the BW 900 is compatible with all your voice-enabled Bluetooth devices like PDAs and even VoIP-enabled computers or laptops.

In and out of the office. Especially in combination with mobile phones, you will benefit from the BW 900 headset while on the move.


- Headset: Unique speaker – Perfect Sennheiser quality sound guaranteed. Soft earpieces adjustable for perfect individual fit in three sizes. Adapts for left or right side

Multi switch – To switch the headset on/off, to adjust volume level, to mute microphone during a call, to cancel or ignore a call

Hook switch – To take and end the call, or toggle between calls from office phone and mobile.

Can be used to activate voice dialing and redial of last number if phone supports these features

Infinite talk time – Use of second exchangeable battery gives infinite talk time, as one battery reloads while the other is in use

Headset status – LED shows headset status: Standby; out of range; busy/online; battery low and incoming call

Goose-neck boom – Can be rotated 180° for optimal comfort and positioning of microphone.

With noise-cancelling microphone that blocks out unwanted ambient noise

- Base station: Hook switch – To take and end calls, to toggle between calls from office phone and mobile, and to transfer calls

Charging LEDs – Separate LEDs for headset and second battery: Shows charging status–on/off and % recharged

Hook LED – Shows headset status: Incoming calls; headset in use; out of range; call on hold; battery low.

Mute LED – Shows microphone status: on/off

Headset/handset switch – To switch calls between headset and handset
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