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Headset Zone Price: $299.99
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MSRP: $459.99
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Wireless and Corded Office Headsets By Plantronics, Jabra and VXI etc..

Office Headsets Headset Zone has been providing offices and call centers with premium quality headsets at a fraction of the cost. We understand that supplying headsets and the necessary equipment’s to every employee can be a large investment. That is why Headset Zone offers quantity discounts for those who are looking to supply their office or call center with headsets.

Expanding integrated mobility means something here at Headset Zone. It means freedom. The freedom to move easily and unrestricted around your working environment is what we supply to those who own, operate or simply work at the business.

With more than 40 years of experience, Plantronics has long been the leader for contact centers around the world. Our reputation for reliability has made us the partner of choice for companies where performance is critical and dependable technology is a must. People depend on our headsets, whether the need is business critical or mission critical. Our variety of wearing styles will suit anyone’s preference, and all headsets are designed for all-day comfort. There’s a reason most contact centers use Plantronics headsets We have been designing unsurpassed equipment tailored to contact center needs for decades.

Headset Zone has been providing offices and call centers with premium quality headsets at a fraction of the cost for many years. We understand that supplying headsets and necessary equipment to every employee can be a large investment. That is why Headset Zone offers quantity discounts for those who are looking to supply their office or call center with headsets but want to save a little money for their pocket book. Many have already taken advantage of our quantity discounts and have had their entire business fitted with headsets at next to wholesale price. We know that headsets and equipment at large quantities can be a large investment. Let Headset Zone help invest in your business. Why pay more when Headset Zone can give you what you need at a price that any business owner can appreciate. Call now for details. For further information call : 800-533-4014 .


Our Primary Concern Is To Let People Enjoy The Headsets Without Having To Worry About Other Things. Your Feedback Is Very Important To Us. So Once Again, We Want To Help You Get The Best Experience Possible.

3 Things Busy Business Executives Should Consider Before Buy Office Headsets.

Headsets come in different shapes and sizes and the different functions. It is very similar for the user as well. Everyday office or call center employees use headsets in order to multi-task and in order to increase productivity. Manufacturers strive hard to produce quality headsets to meet the needs of consumers. Of course, the main target for manufacturers are the average people who make up most of their income. But what about the people above the working class? These are the business executives who have different needs and more importantly, have higher standard. Headset designers also work hard in order to meet the needs of these busy business people. Here are some key points on how to choose the best headsets for business executives.

  • High Quality Design

    Design is very important as design can actually increase productivity. Aside from increased productivity, business people can make better business decisions if there is no distraction. So make sure to choose a headset that does not provide any obstruction in front of your face as this can really bother you. Comfort is also important, because nobody can work properly if comfort isn’t present. A perfect comfortable fit should be a benefit that a headset must provide. The environment in which our busy executives work in vary. Whether it be a noisy office floor or a quiet office, it would be best to choose a device with noise cancellation features just to be on the safe side.

  • Versatility

    Our busy business executives are very hard working and are sure to own multiple communication devices. A great way to organize their incoming calls is to have a very versatile headset that is capable of supporting multi-platform devices. Whether it is a computer, desk phone or mobile phone, incoming calls become more organized knowing that you can take them all in with just one device.

  • Security & Mobility

    When it comes to business calls, sensitive topics such as marketing strategies and corporate trades will be brought over the phone. Over the years, corporate espionage has been all over the industry and some business minds have already fall victim to it. A great way to avoid call intruders is to use a wireless headset that provides encryption to make sure that any potential eavesdropper will hear nothing but static. Aside from security, users are granted wireless freedom as some variants of these designs have a handset lifter capable of physically picking-up the phone. This means, the need to go over the phone to pick-up the handset is no longer required. With one push of a button, and you’re all set to make that next business breakthrough.

    If you are ever considering getting a headset for your business needs, make sure to absorb the key points above and use them as your guidelines. Choose a headset with an International Certification, that way, you can be sure that what you will get is a genuine and secure item. And also, read up about the company that produces the device. There are some programs that you may be able to enroll your device in, that way you can get support and software updates to maintain perfect use of your device.

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