50725.005 Clarity PTT-KMNC4-44 (Ash)

50725.005 Clarity PTT-KMNC4-44 (Ash)

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Push-to-talk (PTT) handsets address the need for security in environments where background conversations must not be over heard on the telephone.

With a walker ptt handset any conversation can be conducted without the worries of eavesdropping.

PTT solutions are also recommended for environments with loud intermittent background noise.

Transmitter type: em-95

High gain electret output level: -41 dbv output

Impedance: 1000

Output minimum (-20 dbv drive): 96 dbspl

Input impedance: 150 ohm amplitude

Limiting: 124 dbspl

Receive distortion: less than 5% compatible with

hearing aids color: ash

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