50771-001 Walker PTT-500M-NC-1-00 Handset(Black)

50771-001 Walker PTT-500M-NC-1-00 Handset(Black)

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The Walker PTT-500M-NC-1 Push-to-Talk (PTT) handsets

Address the need for security in environments where background conversations must not be over heard on the telephone. With a Walker PTT handset any conversation can be conducted without the worries of eavesdropping. PTT solutions are also recommended for environments with loud intermittent background noise.

This handset (PTT500MNC1) includes a pre-installed noise canceling microphone (NoiseCensor®). The Walker Noise Censor reduces sidetone noise up to 80%, making calls clearer for the user.

Technical Features:
  • Transmitter Type: Carbon Compatible Electret (ET). The transmitter element is designed into an amplified circuit to act as a Carbon microphone without variations
  • PTT handsets do not require a hook switch in the cradle
  • G-Style / 500-Style: Round Receiver & Transmitter Ends
  • Connector: 4 conductor modular jack (RJ22)
  • Compatible with Cortelco 2500 and 2554 series telephones
  • Color: Black (00)
  • Installed Upgrades:
    • NoiseCensor: (NC-1) A unique noise canceling system using directional microphone housing.
    • Output Level@ 1000 Hz: -26 dBV (98 dBSPL)
    • Frequency Response:180 Hz to 5000 Hz (meets EIA RS-470)
    • Output Impedance: 50 Ohms nominal
    • Cancels Noise: up to 30 dB
Receiver (@ 1000 Hz)
  • Output Minimum (-20 dBV drive): 96 dBSPL
  • Input Impedance: 150 Ohm
  • Amplitude Limiting: 124 dBSPL
  • Receive distortion: less than 5%
  • Compatible with hearing aids

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