Walker PTS-K-6M-00  Handsets

Walker PTS-K-6M-00 Handsets

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Walker PTS-K-6M-00 Push-To-Signal Telephone Handsets Black

The Walker PTS-K-6M Push-to-Signal handsets allow the user to initiate special phone functions such as switching to a 2-way radio. Our Push-to-Signal handsets are designed for durability, comfort, and reliability. The components used are of the highest quality, ensuring their ability to withstand the most demanding of conditions. All Walker products are backed with a two-year limited warranty and are manufactured in the United States.

Walker's Push-to-Signal handsets are backed by FAA Contracts. Noise Canceling available for those areas where background noise is very loud.

More Information:
  • Push-to-Signal (PTS) Initiates radio signal transmission
  • The PTS is for radios, FAA, dispatch consoles or where 6-conductor cord is required.
  • K - Square shaped handset microhone and speaker
  • 6M - Female Modular Jack, RJ11 6-Wire. Cable not included
  • Microphone - Carbon compatible transmitter, standard
  • PTSK6M Color: 00 Black
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