Multi-Link Power Stone Remote AC Power Controller

Multi-Link Power Stone Remote AC Power Controller

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The Power Stone is a telephone activated remote AC power controller that can perform a variety of functions relating to the supply of 120V power to any connected equipment. The Power Stone enables the user to power up, power down, or reboot remote equipment through a single phone line?either automatically or manually. The Power Stone interrupts the power in two different modes, automatic or manual.


A call comes in and the Stone auto answers the call after the preprogrammed 3 or 15 rings. The current power status is provided by audible feedback. The security code is entered. Wait for the proceed tones and then enter the manual touch-tone command 010 for off or 011 for on?the power change is immediate---and then listen for confirmation tones. After the confirmation tone, the caller enters 80 to retain the current power status OR simply hangs up to revert to previous power status.


A call comes in and rings for the designated number of rings (= 2 or = 3). The Stone will perform one of the following preprogrammed operations: reboot (15 second power interrupt), toggle (on or off), or power on during the phone call, then power off after two-minute delay from hang-up.

  • One Year Warranty
  • Manual or Automatic operation modes
  • 120 VAC Receptacle
  • Switching at 120 VAC @ 15A
  • 15A Breaker
  • Touchtone control with security or ring to trip control
  • Touch tone programming
  • Toll free tech support
  • Reduces downtime
  • Improves customer service
  • Saves costly service calls
  • Return on Investment realized with one saved service call
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