Plantronics Voyager Headset is A Momentous Headset That Gives Out the Greatest Talk Time

Plantronics Voyager headset has ergonomically composed due to which it stays on the ear and over the ear with no trouble. The greater part of its microphones is that they are capable of muting and removing the frustrating outside noises. It is a non-slipping headset that will comfort your ears to the extreme level.

You can't miss an important call while utilizing this headset as it announces the name of the caller. There is no compelling reason to shut the windows of the car or to move into a quiet place when you are utilizing Voyager headset to answer the important calls.

The material utilized as a part of it is quite rough and tough. The commands by voice are an incredible element of this earphone that makes it superb to use for quite a while. If you want to enjoy the hands-free capability, then you would simply need to push the 2-in-1 button on the earphone.


This Voyager headset has numerous attractive features that make it different from the other headsets of different brands. These features are explained below:

It has a wireless connectivity

It is compatible with Smartphones, PCs as well as tablets.

It has a rechargeable battery

It can be worn on the ear

It has a noise canceling and wind smart technology

It has a seven hours battery life

It features 11 days standby time

Software-Enabled Functionality

This headset has software enable functionality. You can use the Plantronics Hub that is a mobile app which can be used to find the lost headphone. Not just that, you can change the language of this headphone as well as customize the alerts and settings.

You can also update the firmware wirelessly. With the help of the Plantronics Hub desktop software, you can change the language, check the battery meter, update the firmware, and personalize the alerts as well as settings.


This Voyager headset is the very powerful headset. It gives an automated voice quality. It evacuates all the surrounding noise of the transports, autos, wind, horns, fans, and others. As compared to other headsets of Plantronics, it is better to cancel out the wind noise.

In any case, this Plantronics headset is skilled in managing all noises capably. It is considered as the best headset to be utilized as a part of a noisy situation.

It has a battery life of nine hours and a standby time of about 14 days. In any case, it could be expanded with the assistance of the compact portable charging case. It can without any problem be packaged into the battery case. You can without much of a stretch take it out at whatever point you need to use it.

Best Range

This Plantronics headset has a wide range due to which it is commonly used in the workplace environments. Many people have to attend calls most of the times each day. For those people, this headphone is of great use. They can easily move around 50 feet into the place during the call. There is no need to stick around at a fixed place while attending the call through this headphone.

Not just that, the user does not have to hold the headset while speaking as it fits easily onto the ear. However, there is a carriage of this headset. If you would love away 30 feet away, then you would notice that that the call is getting poppy. To avoid it, you have to stay within the range.


Plantronics Voyager headset is quite light in weight. Due to this reason, the user would not feel any burden on the ears. It feels like the user didn’t wear a headphone on the ear. It has 0.21 grams of weight due to which you can use it for both workplace and individual use.

Portable wireless headphone

It is a portable wireless headphone that you can easily take along at anyplace. It has an attractive and compact design that makes it easy to take along.


This headphone has three microphones. Each microphone has the capacity for noise muting. It provides a secure fit because of its simple design. It has a big ear hook as well as earbud that provide maximum comfort to the ears. It has three different sizes of the tip.

Connectivity & Compatibility

Plantronics Voyager headset is easy to connect with numerous devices. There is no need to learn how to use it because it is simple to handle. You can pair it up with any of your devices like Smartphones, laptops, computers as well as tablets.

It has a Bluetooth technology through which it can be linked to any Bluetooth device. It is connectable up to 2 phones. You can pick up calls from any of these phones without any trouble.


On the off chance that you will wear this earphone all the time then you would not feel stress on your neck. The explanation for it is its outline that ensures all-time comfort. It has a charging case that is convenient to use. It can be linked to the docking stand to give more than 14 additional power hours.

Be that as it may, the convenient and moveable charging case is excluded in the bundle of this headset. You have to buy it separately. But do keep in mind then only a Plantronics company charging case would work with this headphone.

Durable Voyager headset

It is quite a strong and reliable headset because it has been made and designed from finest quality materials. The plastic body is entirely made of such plastic that is sturdy. It has the P2i nano covering due to which it can deal with moisture, sweat as well as water in a proficient manner.

The P2i nano covering does not let it get affected by any water substance. Due to this reason, you can wear it in the rain, during exercise or consume any drink.

Smart Sensor Technology

Plantronics Voyager headset has a smart sensor technology due to which you do not have to press the buttons to manage the headset. With the help of smart sensors, you just need to give voice commands and the headset would follow the commands. If someone is calling you and you need to attend the call then just say “Answer,” and the headset would turn on the call.

In case you want to ignore someone’s call then you just need to say “Ignore” and keep doing your work. When you are listening to music but need to take a break then just take off the headset, and the music will be paused automatically.

When you want to play the music again, then put it on your ears, and the music will play automatically. You do not have to click any button on your phone or headset for these two operations.

Alerts & Announces

You will get alerts and announces at different points while using this headset. You will get alerts when you are going out of the range. In this way, you will hear whispered alerts during the call when you will be moving out of range.

You will also get alerts when you are attending call when the mute is on. When you press the mute button to turn it off and still get alerts, then it means the mute is still on. So, you might need to press it again. In the same way, you will get when somebody is calling you.

When you pair it up with your Smartphone, then it would be able to sync all your contacts. So, when any person from your contact list calls you then the headset would announce his/her name. However, you can change the language of these alerts and announces with the help of PC software or Smartphone app.

Bottom Line

Plantronics is recognized worldwide for its top quality electronic products and accessories. It has provided many corded, wireless,  and Bluetooth headsets. However, the Plantronics Voyager headset is gaining popularity for its Bluetooth technological innovation.

It is wireless and offers the best range. The price of this headset is quite affordable. It can be used for entertainment and professional reasons. It is sleek and smooth in design and appearance. It provides awesome sound and voice clarity. Whether you use it in a noisy environment or a calm place, it would not make a difference.  It is easily adjustable and has marvelous highlights. It incorporates the latest DSP technology, Wind Smart Technology, Smart Sensor Technology as well as Noise Cancelling Technology.

It has a battery life that is extendable with the aid of the portable charging case. By just giving out voice commands, the user can easily control it at any time and anyplace. It is entirely reversible as well as has a long range. It is comfy and easy to wear for quite a while.

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