Plantronics Voyager 5220 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager 5220 Bluetooth Headset

Plantronics Voyager 5220 Bluetooth Headset
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Plantronics Voyager headset

When we talk about the headphones, then there is just a single name that strikes in our mind, and that is none other than "Plantronics." The reason behind it is that it makes one of the finest items in the world. Be that as it may, with regards to the models, Plantronics Voyager Series Bluetooth Headsets are the best decision.

The reason behind it is their uncountable highlights and features. Also, many people are taking advantage of these awesome Plantronics Voyager Series Bluetooth Headphones. Plantronics has additionally set an excellent reputation for delivering extraordinary quality headsets as they put many highlights in series of Voyager Bluetooth headsets.

For example, unrivaled sound, comfortability, voice orders, sensors, noise-canceling microphone, incoming caller announce and crystal clear audio.

Main Features of the Voyager 5220

  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled cell phones
  • Six layers of WindSmart technology
  • Four microphones and a proprietary DSP
  • Supports HD Voice
  • Sweatproof nano-coating by P2i
  • Up to 7 hours of non-stop talk
  • Rigorously tested for stability and comfort
  • Voice commands compatibility
  • Bluetooth version 4.1

Saves Time

Plantronics Voyager 5220 Bluetooth headset can save your time a lot. It only takes a few seconds to connect, and so the user would not have to wait for long. It can easily save the details of about eight devices. On the other hand, you can only link it to only two devices at a time. Many call center employees make use of this headphone due to this feature.

Hands-Free Facility

The Bluetooth technology of this Plantronics Voyager 5220 Bluetooth headset sets makes it ideal for use. There is no need to stay limited to your place. The user can easily roam into the place under the range. It has a specific widespread range. Due to this reason, many workers use this headphone to do the walking and talking easily.

The hands of the user are completely free, so he/she can perform other tasks as well. Whether you are listening to music or answering the call of your client or friend, your hands will remain free all the time as you do not have to hold this headphone. It has been specially designed to offer maximum comfort to all headphone users.

Awesome highlights & features

Moreover, this Plantronics Voyager headset has substantially more awesome highlights like selective Wind Smart Technology, comfort-tried outline, smart sensor technology, devoted voice control button, compact charging, dynamic mute alert, command controlling and the sky's the limit from there.

If you are hoping to purchase this astounding headset, you will be flabbergasted that different online stores are offering this headset to potential buyers at the most reduced cost as compared to the market.

Battery Life

Plantronics have tested the 5220 Bluetooth headset battery life. It had stated that it would work great for up to 7 hours of active use. The charging case is superb for the two full recharges. If both of them are dead then the charge priority is offered first to the headphone and then to the case.

The battery case is convenient to use in the car and workplace. Those who have to make calls frequently can make the most of this headphone. The combination of the 5220 Bluetooth headphone and charging case is better for all casual and frequent users.

5220 Bluetooth Headset Style

The Hub of Plantronics enables you to refresh the firmware on your Plantronics Voyager 5220 Bluetooth headset. It likewise empowers you to set particular choices for your headphone like favored language for voice prompts as well as commands.

Plantronics Voyager headset ordinarily comes with a solitary ear wearing style. With the help of this style, you would not feel any burden on your ear, and you would forget that you are wearing a headset. This headphone is readily available with dark shading. It has a featherweight so you can leave those earphones which are very difficult to wear and carry along.

Controls & Volume Buttons

Plantronics 5220 Bluetooth headphone provides superior audio. It doesn't matter if you have dropped the windows of your car and making calls, the other person would not hear the background noise at all due to the microphone. The microphone contains the noise canceling technology that makes it perfect to be used.

It cancels all the surrounding noises and offers crystal clear audio. 5220 Bluetooth headset has a new design for the controls and volume buttons. The user can easily use these buttons by just clicking once. The buttons are made from top quality materials due to which they would not break out at all. 5220 Bluetooth headset will start giving an audio warning if you will start talking when it is muted.

Voyager Bluetooth 5220 Better Than Legend

The Voyager 5220 is better than Legend in many ways. Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth headset would not be the primary accessory you consider while considering the "extraordinary" way of life. However, Plantronics accepts you're passing up a great opportunity.

Its new Voyager 5220 gets the latest relevant point of interest, boosting microphone performance for intense and alterable conditions, and enhancing ergonomics for the entire day use. Plantronics center this time around has been flightiness of condition. While this headphone is intended to deal with the regular demands of regular callers, Regarding its versatility, it can be used in the car, street, workplace or organization.

Along these lines, the boom arm earpiece still turns to suit left or right ear wearers, yet the arm is presently formed like a plane's wing with the goal that winds current moves around it easily. It contains four microphones instead of the three of the Legend.

Each is mounted in its own, singular inlet, secured by two layers of work obstruction. By detaching the microphones, the headphone's DSP technology can independently compare the contribution from each and make sense of which is doing better at grabbing the wearer's voice and which is getting background noise, at that point modify the pickup levels likewise. It's by all account, not the only physical change. Charging is a micro USB port now.

However, the exclusive attractive docking port stays. It works well with the optional charging case that is readily available at $39.99. That can either store the Voyager 5220 inside, or the headphone can sit upright on it for simpler access during recharging; in any case, you get two LED alerts to indicate battery status of both headphone as well as case.

Smart Sensor Support

If you have got the BT600 USB Bluetooth Class 1 dongle of Plantronics plugged into your PC then you will get a pop-up notification. On the other hand, you must have the Plantronics Hub software installed on your PC.

The LED light of the BT600’s LED would become red when the Plantronics Voyager is muted. The Plantronics Voyager would work great for you because of its smart sensor support. It has many other features, but this is the most suitable one.

The smart sensors are quite useful. With the help of this technology, the Voyager 5220 would automatically answer the incoming call if it is turned on. You would not have to press any button or switch the ongoing conversation to your phone when you take off the headphone. If you are listening to music and take off the headphone then it will pause automatically.

New multifunction button

Voyager 5220 Bluetooth headset has a new multifunction button. It is located on the microphone boom for controlling the headphone. However, it depends completely on the situation. It is used to answer the ringing phone; the user can mute an ongoing call with it, play and pause the streaming audio as well as trigger the virtual assistant like Google Now.

It is good to use with the Smartphones and tablets. You can make use of any of the virtual assistants according to your choice. Each of the assistants is useful while driving a car or riding a bike to ask for the directions and have the instructions whispered into the ear.

Premium Bluetooth headset

Plantronics Voyager headset is a premium Bluetooth headset. There is no need to scale back to your roadmap pace. This headphone has a lot of neat features further than the strong audio performance. It has a P2i splash-proof coating due to which it does not get affected by water. It is water resistant, so the user can wear it in the rain without any problem.

Not only that, it can deal with the sweat, so it is ideal to be used at the time of the workout. P2i splash-proof coating would protect the headphone from any damage through the water. This P2i technology is awesomely integrated into this headphone to make it more reliable and dependable. This headphone can be used with the PC as well. It is not just for smart devices like tablets, android phone.

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