42598-31 Plantronics E10 ACD Adapter (for Most ACD Systems, SOQ12 - Old Part# 42598-01)

42598-31 Plantronics E10 ACD Adapter (for Most ACD Systems, SOQ12 - Old Part# 42598-01)

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This small and inconspicuous Plantronics E10 inline adaptor is suitable with all Plantronics headsets designs. It is perfect to get in touch headsets to phone where access to a handset is not required. The E10 adaptor features a volume control which allows customers to modify inbound calling to a relaxed hearing level. Sales departments using the most popular designs of ACD systems with the "Rep Not Available" function (RNA) now have to be able to enjoy Plantronics' clear, sharp marketing and sales communications, and the greatest wide range of suitable headsets available on the market. The Plantronics E10 headset adaptor is so small and compact that it is used on the body instead of taking up useful pc space. Yet within this comfortableness designed program, the Plantronics E10 provides full pc adaptor performance. Itís all made possible through the use of Plantronics' useful Quick Detach feature, when the contact middle broker results in the gaming system, the turned off QD instantly shows the ACD system to path inbound calling to available employees, preserving your time and enhancing call fulfillment. With the Plantronics E10, both providers and clients are better provided, just the kind of solution you anticipate from world leader in communications.


  • Plantronics E10 is for carbon based phone system

  • it is ergonomically designed as well as hand held design

  • it has a rotary volume switch

  • it is compatible with any 'H' series QD headset.

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