Plantronics CS540: Is This Headset Chargeable Using A Separate Charger?(Other Than The Charging Base)

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Plantronics produces audio communications equipment for consumers. Its products used for communications, mobile use, music and gaming. Plantronics headquarters is situated in California but its most products are produced in China and Mexico.

Plantronics Company established in 1961 when two pilots thought to replace heavy headsets used at that time by lighter headsets. Their final design contains two small hearing aid transducers attached to a headband which was approved by United airline later on. Then they established Plantronics INC and introduce first lightweight communications headset to market in 1962. Plantronics created a series of cordless products using infrared technology in the 1980s. Plantronics introduces the CS 50 wireless headset for office use in the year 2003.

From there on Plantronics has manufactured wireless headsets including the CS70N, CS500 series and Savi 700 series. In recent years Plantronics has a strong focus on wireless headsets and speakers.

Plantronics introduces CS500 series as a new wireless standard for desk phone communication. This series features a new streamlined design and improved performance with same reliability that made it a best seller for nearly a decade.

Plantronics CS 500 series has updated design. Plantronics CS 540 headset is lightest DECT headset in the market weighs up to 21 grams and has up to 7 hours talk time on single charge.

It has elegant magnetic docking and instant mute and also comes with a narrowband and wideband support system. It has connectivity range up to 350 foot. It has adaptive power for optimal range and battery life.

Plantronics CS500 series has different models like CS510, CS520, CS530 and CS540. These models have different features. First, we have to compare these

Wearing options:

Plantronics CS540 comes with over the ear, over the head and behind the head options whereas CS510 and CS520 come only with over the head option. CS530 comes with over the ear option only.

Wideband audio:

All Plantronics CS 500 series headsets have wideband audio. Wideband audio is considered as high definition HD voice quality for telephony audio. It extends the frequency range of audio signals resulting in higher quality speech.

Talk time:

Plantronics CS540 has talk time up to 7 hours whereas CS510 has talk time up to 9 hours CS520 has talk time up to 9 hours and CS 530 has talk time up to 6 hours.

Headset weight:

Plantronics CS 540 weighs 21 grams. CS 510 weighs 94 grams. CS 520 weighs 72 grams while CS 530 weighs up to 25 grams.


All Plantronics CS 500 series headsets have range up to 350 feet.

Noise Canceling:

All Plantronics CS 500 series headsets come with noise canceling options. Noise canceling headphones reduce unwanted sounds using active noise control.


Plantronics CS 500 series also comes with the conferencing feature. They have the capacity to do conferencing with up to 4 headsets.

Adaptive power:

All Plantronics CS 500 series headsets have adaptive power.

Elegant docking:

Plantronics CS 540 has the feature of elegant docking. It has magnetic docking system while other CS series headsets don have this feature.

Battery time:

Plantronics CS 540 wireless head sets will provide up to 7 hours of talk time when it is fully charged. When we operate it in wideband mode its talk time will be reduced or if it is used at a far distance from the base.

Repeated beep after every 15 seconds will notify that battery is running out. We will hear three low beeps when the battery is critically low. If we are constantly running out of battery then we should probably need to replace the battery with new CS 540 battery or CS 540-XD battery. CS540-XD allows unlimited talk time. In order to replace a Plantronics CS 540 battery firstly we have to slide the battery cover off and pull the battery out of it and grasp the battery connector and disconnect it from the headset. Then we have to plug the new battery to the battery connector and slide the battery into it and slide the cover back.

How to Charge the headset?

In order to charge Plantronics CS 540 headsets we have to place the headset in the charging cradle. Plantronics CS 540 charging LED lights on the base will flash green when it is charging and turns into solid green when the headset is fully charged. It's full charge takes up to 3 hours of charging. We have to charge for at least 20 minutes prior to the first use. Once the battery is fully charged it enters in to a networked standby mode. The time period taken to enter into standby mode depends on to how low it is taken to charge the battery fully. When the battery is in standby mode it consumes up to 1.2 watts. All of Plantronics CS 500 series wireless headsets use rechargeable lithium ion batteries that last for up to 500 full charging cycles. Batteries for these CS models can be ordered and replaced individually.

How to setup Plantronics CS540 headsets?

To set up Plantronics CS540 wireless headset we first have to remove the ear-tip, rotate the ear loop down 90 degrees and pull it off. Then we have to add a new ear loop and ear-tip. The Plantronics CS540 has both over the ear and over the head wearing options. In order to wear the headset with a headband, we have to remove the ear tip and ear loop. Then we have to slide the headset into the head band vertically and rotate the headset up so the microphone rests near the operatorís mouth.

For the standard connection we have to attach one end of the telephone interface cable to the port on headset base. Then we have to remove the desk phone cord and re attach it to the interface cable junction box and plug the other end into the desk phone handset port. The headset must be charge for at least 20 minutes before first use but full charge takes up to three hours of charging.

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