Nortel QSK 3200 Telephone

Headset Compatibility Notes:
This is a Carbon phone, if using an M10, M12 or M22 use switch setting 1 and no batteries are required. For all other models call Tech Support for appropriate settings @ 1-800-533-4014 x119.

DuoPro H171, DuoPro H171N, DuoSet H141, DuoSet H141N, Encore H101, Encore H101N, Encore H91, Encore H91N, Mirage H41, Mirage H41N, StarSet H31, StarSet H31N, Supra H51, Supra H51N, Supra H61, Supra H61N, SupraPlus H251, SupraPlus H251N, SupraPlus H261, SupraPlus H261N, SupraPlus SL H351, SupraPlus SL H351N, SupraPlus SL H361, SupraPlus SL H361N, TriStar H81, TriStar H81N

M22, MX10

Wireless Headset Solutions:
CS55 with HL10 Lifter, CS70 with HL10 Lifter, SupraPlus Wireless CS361N with HL10 Lifter, Voyager 510SL
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