Nokia Pop-Port Interface for Next Generation Mobile Phones & Users

Nokia Pop-Port Interface for Next Generation Mobile Phones & Users
The Pop-Port™ interface is the new interface of the next generation of mobile phones and users. Pop-Port interface enables several functions to be incorporated into one interface, providing the link you have been waiting for.

Designed for the mobile environment and supporting advanced functions, the Pop-Port common system interface for accessories enables new and exciting products and widening your selection of phone add-ons. It will be possible to control cameras, digital music players, and stereo headsets - to name but a few - through your phone menu using the Pop-Port interface system connector. And as the Pop-Port interface will be the standard across several Nokia phone models, it will enable better compatibility between your phone and accessories, allowing for more intelligent control of your mobile life.

Supported Features:
  • Support of high-speed data connectivity with USB properties through Pop-Port interface system connector compatible data cable
  • Stereo audio for integrated audio devices and functionalities such as a music player or radio
  • Power output functionality through Pop-Port interface, removing the need for a separate battery with the accessory
  • Digital identification for recognizing attached accessories and setting optimized parameters in the phone
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