News - Philips Semiconductors Selected for New Bluetooth Headset

News - Philips Semiconductors Selected for New Bluetooth Headset
Plantronics Selects Philips Semiconductors Chipset for New Bluetooth Headset

LAS VEGAS, NV — January 5, 2001 — Plantronics, Inc., (NYSE:PLT), the world leader in communications headsets, and Philips Semiconductors, a division of Royal Philips Electronics, today announced that Plantronics has selected Philips Semiconductors as a technology partner in the development of their Bluetooth™ headsets. Bluetooth wireless technology will enable wireless communication between the headset and applications such as mobile phones, computers and PDAs, significantly increasing convenience and freedom.

Plantronics is basing its first Bluetooth-enabled headset on the industry-leading, second-generation Bluetooth chipset from Philips Semiconductors. This chipset provides high-quality sound and reliability at an attractive price. The first headset is expected to be available in spring 2001, and will be fully Bluetooth compliant. With over 126 million Bluetooth-enabled products such as mobile phones, notebook PCs, digital cameras and other handheld devices expected on the market by 2002, both companies are positioned to participate in this explosive growth.

"Plantronics superior sound quality and expertise in ergonomics, combined with the Bluetooth wireless technology, will take personal communication to a new level of comfort and convenience," said Ken Kannappan, president and CEO of Plantronics. "This is a natural progression toward making the voice-activated technologies of the future easier and more effective. We're pleased to be working with Philips Semiconductors to deliver hands-free, wireless headsets to our customers worldwide."

"Combining our expertise in silicon systems solutions with Plantronics' in-depth knowledge of the headset market, we will strive to encourage interoperability while developing high-quality products for our customers" added Peter Baumgartner, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Communications at Philips Semiconductors.

Forward-Looking Statements
The statements in this press release that the first headset is expected to be available in spring 2001, and will be fully Bluetooth-compliant and that both companies are positioned to participate in the anticipated growth in sales of Bluetooth headset products are forward-looking statements based on current information and expectations. Those statements involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results and events may differ materially from those projected in those statements due to various factors, including but not limited to: inability to achieve the technical performance desired, inability to achieve the volumes of production and quality of manufacture desired, competition from other suppliers of Bluetooth products, and future demand for Bluetooth enabled products. For more information concerning these and other possible risks, please refer to the filings by Plantronics with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Form 10-K and Form 10-Q and other SEC filings made by Plantronics, Inc. These filings can be accessed over the Internet at

About Bluetooth
Bluetooth™ wireless technology is a new low-cost, radio-based technology, which provides an open standard for short-range wireless interfaces. Wireless communications products are the main application area for the technology at present, although once established, Bluetooth wireless technology is set to proliferate in a far greater array of products. A 1999 Cahners In-Stat report stated that by 2002 the market for Bluetooth products will reach US$ 1.3 billion and will grow even faster than the cellular phone market. Equipment manufacturers for mobile phones, notebook personal computers, digital cameras and portable game systems are embracing the Bluetooth wireless interface. Global market potential, massive sales volume and low manufacturing cost due to economies of scale are the three important reasons why Bluetooth wireless technology is rapidly gaining acceptance as an industry standard.

About Plantronics
Plantronics, Inc., introduced the first lightweight communications headset in 1962 and is recognized as the world leader in communications headsets. Already the number one supplier of communications headsets in the call center market, Plantronics has expanded into the office, residential, mobile/cellular and computer audio market segments. The publicly held company (PLT: NYSE), headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA, was founded in 1961 and maintains offices in 19 countries with more than 2,600 employees. Plantronics products are sold and supported through a worldwide network of authorized Plantronics partners, and are available nationwide through retail, consumer electronics, cellular and PCS stores. Products and information about the company can also be found at or by calling (800) 544-4660.

About Philips Semiconductors
Philips Semiconductors, which had annual revenues of approximately US$5 billion in 1999, designs and manufactures semiconductors and silicon systems platforms. Philips Semiconductors is spearheading the emerging field of systems on silicon solutions with the innovative Nexperia™ platform and VLSI Velocity™ tool set. The company's Sea-of-IP™ design methodology allows plug and play intellectual property blocks for easily customizable products. The company is a leader in communications, consumer, PC peripherals and automotive semiconductors, which are key applications for convergence in end-user products. Philips Semiconductors is headquartered in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and has operations throughout the world. For more information: Additional information on Philips Semiconductors' Bluetooth system solutions can be found at:

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