Meridian Norstar M7208 - Headsets

Meridian Norstar M7208 - Headsets

M7208 Headsets

Cored Headsets

Designed for less frequent use than the M7310. Headset compatible with programmable feature keys. The M7208 can use the Plantronics M22 Amplifier or A10-16 headset adapter with any H-Series headset (eg. Hw540).

Wireless Headsets

The M7208 Also have headset port to use with Plantronics Wireless headsets You just need HL10 Lifter so every call will Be answered from your wireless headset and the HL10 Lifter will do the rest no need to pick the M7208 handset every time when call comes (eg. Cs540 with HL10 lifter , Savi745 with HL10 Lifter ).

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