Plantronics M140 Cellular and Cordless Phone Headset

Plantronics M140 Cellular and Cordless Phone Headset

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People depend on you, but you're always on the go. How do you make the most of your time and stay in touch?

A headset for your mobile or cordless phone can help. It frees your hands so you can do just about anything while you talk. Make plans. Drive more safely. Say, "I'm almost home."

Experience the freedom, comfort and great sound quality of a Plantronics Headset.

Do more. Comfortably.

Great Sound: Noise-cancelling microphone, Plantronics RF noise shield and microphone adjust switch deliver superior call quality.
Increased comfort: Talk longer without phone cradle discomfort.
Hands-Free Productivity: Do other tasks and talk on the phone
Hands-Free Safety: Drive more safely with both hands on the wheel

Plantronics M140 Product Sheet M140 Product Sheet
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