Jabra Link 20 Avaya-Alcatel EHS Adapter

Jabra Link 20 Avaya-Alcatel EHS Adapter

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Link 20 Avaya-Alcatel EHS Adapter

Distant contact management and speech producing The Jabra LINK 20 allows remote Electronic Connect Change Control (EHS) with Jabra wifi headsets and a variety of Avaya mobile phone devices. This means that customers will get band alert, answer and end calling, modify the amount or even mime the contact up to 350 legs away from their workstations. The incorporation of device and headsets allows customers to benefit from improved flexibility and the ability to multi-task while on a contact. The wifi independence increases employee productitivy and ergonomics throughout the day. As a special function, Jabra LINK 20 has a speech producing unit connect which allows the user to record important interactions. How it works The Jabra LINK 20 is a plug-and-play solution that transforms from the EHS standard used in Avaya mobile phone devices to the DHSG method used in all Jabra wifi office headsets.

Key Feature

  • Link 20 EHS Cord

  • Electronically Answer & End Calls

  • Hands-Free Communication

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