GN Netcom has always been the innovator in the headset industry. Of course, while the company looks to the future, it never abandons the standards that brought it here. GN Netcom will always stand for the very best in audio excellent, relaxation, durability, and selection. This quick-disconnect cable with modular hook up lets you plug-in the LB 2100 headsets directly into your cell phone without the need of a firm. This cable is designed for use with telephone such as Mitel, NEC, Nortel, Lucent and Siemens. Jabra DIRECT CONNECT CORDS 20" Immediately with QD (Quick Detach plug), Immediate Connect cable for all tops and headsets. Works with most desk mobile cell phone devices such as IP hard mobile cell phone devices. Connects to all Jabra attached QD headsets. Microphone amplification to boost broadcast levels when connecting to low broadcast amount cell phone techniques. Simple slide modification for easy setup. Option of directly or coiled cable. Electronic Indication Processer (DSP) technological innovation that dramatically decreases inbound backdrop disturbance by electronically enhancing the inbound signal and filtering out the inbound backdrop disturbance.

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