Jabra GN9330e USB MS Headset

Jabra GN9330e USB MS Headset

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GN GN9330e USB Headset

Part Number: 9327-509-505

The dual-connection Jabra GN9300e Sequence wireless headset provides powerful in both conventional and PC-based phone surroundings. Which indicates you can elegant or even substitute your phone system and still keep the same headset . In short, the Jabra GN9300e Sequence provides all the benefits of hands-free flexibility in a very compact, ergonomic office, and future-proof design. The Jabra GN9300e Sequence uses state-of-the-art Digital Indication Handling (DSP) technology to provide improved audio quality and maintain a safe, constant amount level. The Jabra GN9300e’s Sequence smooth boom-arm with its noise-cancelling headset stand and improved wind disturbance decrease indicates your speech always provides clearly. Wideband audio for PC-based IP phone indicates that the 6.8 kHz regularity variety of the Jabra GN9300e Sequence is more than twice that of conventional telephony! High-definition audio of this quality gives you the feeling of a true “face-to-face” discussion and allows you to get more done more easily because you listen to everything once. User-friendly and very easy to use, the Jabra GN9350e offers a choice of dressing in designs with smoother ear piece components, and features an innovative LCD show on the platform device, allowing you to set personal contact factors such as amount and audio outcome. A wifi variety of up to 120 meters plus conference-call ability gives you added marketing and sales communications potential. And you can keep an optionally available second power supply billed in the platform and even hot-swap it to give you around-the-clock talk-time.

Key Features:
  • Optimized for Microsoft Office Communicator
  • Revolutionary wideband sound quality for IP telephony
  • Extra clarity of speech
  • Enhanced wind noise reduction
  • Increased range up to 120 meters
  • Choice of wearing styles
  • Soft and comfortable earpiece materials
  • Exceptional ease of setup and use
  • The new GN 9330 USB wireless headset makes all your PC-based IP telephony conversations sound better.
  • USB connection can go right into your notebook
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