Electronic HookSwitch For  Polycom Phones

Electronic HookSwitch For Polycom Phones

Electronic HookSwitch For Polycom Phones
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JABRA Polycom Electronic Hook Switch Cable

Use your GN Netcom/Jabra digital connect change (EHS) from GN allows you to digitally response and end phone calls, management amount and mime feedback using manages designed into your GN Netcom wifi headsets (i.e. Jabra 6470, Jabra 9470, GN 9330e, GN 9350e, GN 9125 or GN 9120 EHS model) while you are away from your table cell phone. Now you can appreciate the advantages of “hands free” communictions, without the constraints of cell phone cables. All quite practical, when you are 300 legs away from your table.

Key Feature

  • Works Up to 300 ft

  • Answer Calls Through the Headset

  • Volume Control

  • Mute Control

  • Answer Call

  • Compatible with Polycom Soundpoint IP Phones:

      Jabra EHS Works With Following Jabra Headse Models

    • GN9120 GN9125
    • GN9330 GN9350
    • GN9330e GN9350e
    • PRO9450 PRO9460
    • PRO9465 PRO9470
    • GO6430 GO6470

      Jabra EHS Works With Following Polycom Phone Systems Models

    • Polycom 320 Polycom 330
    • Polycom 430 Polycom 550
    • Polycom 560 Polycom 650
    • Polycom 670 Polycom VVX 300
    • Polycom Wx 310 Polycom VVX 400
    • Polycom 410 Polycom VVX 500
    • Polycom 600
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