Plantronics H31CD

Plantronics H31CD

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Plantronics H31CD Starset Headset for Controllers & Dispatch

Plantronics H31CD is a modified version of the StarSet H31 headset. The H31C/D boost the incoming audio to make listening easier in noisy environments. This H31CD (43674-01) is recommended for dispatch operators, aviation controllers, military, stock exchange, airport, large call centers.

Plantronics Starset Features:
  • Receiver Impedance (ohms, at 1 kHz):600 ± 150

  • Source Drive Impedance (ohms):600

  • 1kHz sensitivity (dBPa/V, ±4 dB): 20.5

  • Ideal for noisy environments, featuring a complete 6-Size eartip kit.

  • Ideal for those who need a comfortable, convenient headset for noisy environments.

  • The ultra-lightweight, StarSet headset rests comfortably behind the ear.

  • Its soft, pliable VersaTip eartip gently conforms to the natural contours of your ear while providing the acoustic seal necessary to block out background noise.

  • Includes: 1 H31CD Headset, 1 06448-01 Eartip Kit (6 Sizes), 1 17593-01 Claer Voicetube, 1 40700-01 Eyeglass Adapter Kit, 1 User manual, 1 Cloth Storage pouch.

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