Jabra Pro Series

Good client support is all about hearing. In a world of meeting cell phone calls and long-distance events, this can be difficult. Your cell phone calls need to be superior. You need to listen to every word your client says so that you can offer the best assistance possible. Jabra Biz™2400 Sequence joins you with your clients. Holding on a discussion in a room loaded with people can be complicated. Jabra Biz™ 2400 headsets help you track out your co-workers and focus on your client. The mic uses disturbance termination technological innovation, so your clients only listen to your speech. The mic is also designed with silver connections that help your speech carry with greater quality. Discussing on the cell phone for eight hours a day can be hard on your hearing. Jabra Biz 2400 series headsets highlight relaxation. You can decide on a mono or duo presenter design, and all headsets are flexible so you can get just the right fit.

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