Jabra GN2100 neckband - right ear wearing style

Jabra GN2100 neckband - right ear wearing style

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Jabra GN2100 neckband - Right ear wearing style

The Jabra GN2100 headsets Neckband (Right Ear). Now you can add a 4th dressed in design to your GN2100 individual headset with this relaxed neckband. Its developed particularly to be used on the remaining ear. It gives you a unobtrusive , constant all-day fit and allows keep your GN2100 headset mic placed safely so that you are always observed clearly. It is a clean substitute for those looking for a modern dressed in design.

Key Feature

  • Headset Neckband

  • For Use w/ GN2100

  • Keeps Mic Positioned Securely

  • Sleek, Stylish Design

  • Total Comfort

  • Works with Jabra Headset Models

  • GN 2115

  • GN 2110

  • GN 2117

  • GN 2100

  • GN 2100

  • GN 2119

  • GN 2120

  • GN 2124

  • GN 2125

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