Jabra GN1900 Series Headsets

The GN1900 attached headsets sequence is developed as a cost-efficient choice for sales departments of all sizes. It is a versatile choice that will suit your IT atmosphere and the needs of your customers, with both mono and duo options, and a USB plug edition. You get a more expert get in touch with middle atmosphere, as the noise-canceling mic guarantees that each contact is clear and understandable. The Jabra GN1900 Series provides expert performance and remarkable value. It's the cost-effective headsets commitment that doesn't bargain on excellent. Created for getting in touch with middle use, the Jabra GN1900 Series improves agent efficiency as well as. Its disturbance eliminating mic guarantees that backdrop disturbance from your workplace won't be passed on to your customers' ears. Enhanced for the cost-conscious get in touch with middle. Compact, durable style and top drawer. Mono headsets with noise-canceling mic for the loud environments. The headsets come complete with QD (Quick Disconnect) connect for immediate connection to numerous built-in amps already built in and phone or USB connect to immediate softphone connection. Simply connect the headsets to the phone system or laptop and you're ready to profit from the Jabra GN1900's low price of possession. The Jabra GN1900 Series is available in both mono and duo and its several modification factors make it truly convenient to individual choices. Its headpiece wearing style along with a light-weight style guarantees all-day comfort - even in very telephone-intensive surroundings. Enhanced for the cost-conscious get in touch with middle. Compact, durable style and top drawer. Noise-canceling mic for loud surroundings. USB or QD connection. The Jabra GN1900 includes features such as a noise-canceling mic, which filtration out the unwanted backdrop disturbance, and PeakStop Technology which defends customers from harmful sounds. The headsets have several modification factors and is lightweight. The Jabra GN1900 QD versions have been developed for use with traditional desk phones, however the future-proof style enables customers to move to IP hard phones. The GN1900 USB versions meet the improving demand for services for expert VoIP headsets.

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