GAI-Tronics EZ Page Master

GAI-Tronics EZ Page Master

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GAI-Tronics EZ Page Master or Equal

The Gai-Tronics EZ page master or equal is one of the simple and most useful device made by Gai-Tronics these devices made our life easy, comfortable and safe, its not only safe our time but also helps to communicate in speedily and safely. This device is mostly used in industrial and business sector where two way communications is very essential while working efficiently and cost effectively. Gai-Tronics EZ page master or equal is very helpful and weather proof device simple to use with push to talk or release to listen (PTT/RTL) operation, it has durable cast-aluminum enclosure, and its loudspeaker works as a microphone.


  • Easy to use with push-to-talk / release-to-listen (PTT/RTL) operation
  • Is made up of a durable cast-aluminum box, which homes the electronics
  • Presenter functions as a microphone
  • Area configurable for one of two kinds of systems:
  • Master/Slave and Typical Discuss system
  • All techniques are manufacturer designed for the Typical Discuss system
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