GAI-Tronics Explosion-proof Speaker Station

GAI-Tronics Explosion-proof Speaker Station

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GAI-Tronics Speaker Station

The Style 670-001 Explosion-proof Speaker station offers secure and obvious inter-actions in detrimental places, even in high-noise circumstances, like factories and production areas. This model is NRTL qualified for use in the US and North America for the following areas: Category I, Div. 1, Teams C and D; Category II, Div. 1, Teams E, F, and G; and Category III, Div. 1


  • Designed from toss metal and is ideal for inside use For growing exterior, it should be located in a GAI-Tronics (Model 10444-003) Weather resistant Non-metallic Enclosure
  • Device stops sound reviews between channels during paging by muting the station’s associated speaker
  • Silence function enabled
  • Energy feedback - 90-140 V ac; 120 V ac moderate, 50-60 Hz; 0.5A maximum
  • Result - @ 120 V ac: 12 w minimal into 8- or 16-ohm load
  • Wall structure or order mountable, four 3/8-inch placed growing feet
  • Heat variety range - -22 °F to +158 °F
  • Measurements - 13.1 H × 7.9 W × 5.6 D
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